Acropolis Market Review

The Acropolis Market is a dark web e-commerce platform that employs both a traditional escrow and a secure multi-sign escrow mechanism. It’s a dark market which can be accessed through the link below using the Tor Browser. We advise you to use a VPN as well. Encrypt any messages sent with PGP, so that even if the market is compromised, your info isn’t. Lastly, to deposit or withdraw funds always use a Bitcoin mixer like Bitblender and try to buy Bitcoin from a P2P market.

The market is extremely new and it has very few listings. Despite this, it’s extremely easy to navigate and it has a pleasant design.The registration and login process are also simple and allow the user to activate 2-factor authentication using PGP.

The market’s multisig escrow system ensures that vendor’s scams are less likely to happen, although market scams are still possible, as the market controls the wallet balance and the traditional escrow balance. Once you deposit funds, you’ll need your PIN to withdraw them, so keep it safe.

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How to Access the Acropolis Market

Like we previously mentioned, you can only access Acropolis using the Tor browser, which can be downloaded here. It’s also important to configure Tor properly (check this Do’s and Don’ts list) and to use only trusted sources when clicking on links, as some websites may try to phish your user information. We also advise you to buy a VPN service.

If you want to communicate (which you’ll need to do) in the market, you’ll need a PGP key. This allows you to encrypt your messages and decrypt other’s. If you don’t want your personal info to fall into the wrong hands, learn about PGP security as you’ll also need it to activate 2-a

Remember: Bitcoin is not anonymous. All transactions can be seen on the blockchain and police have been sucessful in tracing criminals using the blockchain. Furthermore, several companies are working on blockchain analysis tools for law enforcement, such as QLUE which was recently launched. To avoid this issue, always use a bitcoin mixer with time delay and multiple addresses. Always buy Bitcoin from a p2p market like Bitsquare or LocalBitcoins.

Stay safe.

Creating an account

To create an account on the Acropolis Market, you need click the link above. You need to enter your username, password, withdrawal pin and captcha to create an account. Make sure your username and password are unrelated to your real life-identity.

You’ll need your pin to make withdrawals, so make sure you can keep the PIN number safe or else, you may lose BTC and need to create a new account.

Interface and functions

The Acropolis Market is simple. Its interface is highly intuitive and the design is very easy on the eyes. You can change your settings by hovering over “Profile” and choosing one of the submenus.

Here, you can manage both your contacts and your favorite sellers, which makes things faster for regular orders. You can also activate and manage 2-FA. You’ll need a PGP key to do so. Your PIN and password can also be changed here.

You can also set up your multisig keys for higher security. Multisig will lock your funds in a joint account with you, the vendor and a moderator, ensuring that the funds never truly leave your possession until a order or dispute is finalized.

You can add personal info to your profile on the “about” submenu which also contains the referral link you can share to earn a share of the market’s profit from orders.

Finally, you can also see your support tickets and apply for a vendor account, which we only recommend if you know what you’re doing.


Like we previously said, this is an extremely new market and if we were judging it base on the amount of items it has, it would probably get a flat zero. However, the market is new and needs time to grow. As a platform, the website is great, but it definitely needs some sellers. The categories are as follow:


  • Bitcoin security (6)
  • Drugs (606)
  • E-Books (20)
  • Other (4)
  • Services (4)

The first category, although intriguing, has nothing on it but a few misplaced listings.

The Drugs section, which is usually full of life on other markets, offers the followings:

  • Barbiturates (0)
  • Benzos (6)
  • Cannabis & hashish (397)
  • Dissociatives (4)
  • Drug paraphernalia (6)
  • Ecstasy (29)
  • Opioids (3)
  • Prescription (28)
  • Psychedelics (48)
  • RCs (8)
  • Steroids (0)
  • Stimulants (76
  • Weight loss (0)

As we can see, the basics are covered. The most popular section is Cannabis & hashish. Some subcategories like Barbiturates, steroids and weight loss are empty, although this is obviously subject to change.

Next, we have e-books, which is a pretty self-explanatory category. Most books are tutorials.

In others, we have:

  • Jewellery (0)
  • Lab supplies (3)
  • Miscellaneous (0)

In services, we actually have someone offering translations for profiles, which is certainly useful although we were expecting more. The sections are:

Documents (0)

Hacking (0)

Hosting (0)

Money (0)

Other (4)

Programming (0)

Proxies (0)

VPN (0)

Search Functions and Filters

The search tool is simple. We like it. If you want to do a quick search, just enter your keyword on the left side of the screen and click “Search”

If you know exactly where to look, click “Advanced”. This will take you to the advanced search page. Here, you can search by your keyword, category, vendor, price (from-to) and currency. You can also select where the shipping comes from and where it can be sent.

How to Add Funds

Adding funds on the Acropolis market is simple. Click the Bitcoin symbol or hover over profile and click “Wallet”.

In your wallet page, you have a deposit address which you can send Bitcoin to. The BTC sent will be credited to your market account. We advise you to generate a new address every time you deposit.

In this page you can also see the funds held in escrow and multisig escrow. You can also access your transaction history.

To withdraw, simply go to the “Withdraw” tab. You’ll need your PIN number to do so.

To add a Bitcoin public key as a multisig key, simply hover over profile with your mouse and click “Bitcoin public keys”. Then, click “New Key” and add a Label and the public key to the correct fields. Click “Save” once you’re done.

How to Choose the Right Vendor

Being scammed sucks, and just because you’re on the deep web it doesn’t mean it sucks less. It’s even worse, because you’re left to wonder if your product will ever arrive or not. As so, we advise you to check out your vendor before making a purchase as this can be the difference between a pleasant deal or being scammed.

So, when checking on a product, click on the vendor’s name to go to his detailed page. Here’ you can see the number of positive, neutral and negative feedback he has gotten.

Here you can also contact the vendor, add him to your favorites and view his store.

You can check the vendor feedback details by clicking the “feedback” tab.

How to buy

To buy from the Acropolis market, choose your item and click on its title on the listings page. This will take you to the individual item page. Now, you’ll see that on the top right corner, you have the option to Buy with multisig or to Buy Now with escrow.

If you choose Multsig, you’ll need to add your public key, then fill out your shipping details and click Next. Remember to tick the “Encrypt Message” button.

If you choose “Buy Now”, you’ll just need to add the address. Remember: You must have sufficient balance in your account.

Once the order is placed, wait for the item to arrive and then release the funds. Remember to rate the item according to quality/price and to start a dispute if the item is faulty or doesn’t arrive.


The Acropolis forum can be accessed through the link above or through the market. Here, users can talk about the market and general deep web related topics. Users can find product reviews, promotions, and guides on the market specific forum.

Support & Help

Acropolis offers a standard FAQ page which can be accessed through “help” on the market. There are only four items there, however. Users can always start a support ticket on Profile/Tickets.

Pros and Cons of the Dream Market


Simple and Intuitive

Multisig escrow & Traditional Escrow


Very few items

Low variety of categories

Market handles balances


Amount of Vendors
User Experience
Final Thoughts

The Acropolis Market has a lot of potential. However, it must first mature into a fully populated market before being completely functional. Interface and design-wise, the Acropolis Market is a winner.

Overall Score 3.7 Market Review

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