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Apple is a tor hidden service that focuses on the commerce of most items shunned by traditional e-commerce platforms. Apple is a relatively recent market that has managed to get a great reputation. It features both traditional escrow and multi-signature escrow so users can trade-off between convenience and security at will.

Although the market has few listings to choose from and very little variety in its categories, its simple layout makes it extremely simple to use and leaves little room for error.

Overall, Apple is a good darknet market and is a great alternative to the traditional choices. While the market provides a multi-signature escrow solution, exit scams are still possible since the market can control user funds and traditional escrow funds.

Users should be familiar with PGP, Multi-signature, and Tor before venturing into the Apple market. PGP communications make it impossible for L.E to read your messages, even if the market is shut down.

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How to Access the Apple Market

Since this is a Darknet market, it can only be accessed using Tor. To access the market, simply download Tor here and use the link above to enter the market (beware of phishing scams). Be sure to configure Tor properly to ensure your privacy. Check out this Do’s and Don’ts list.

Although Tor will help you conceal your identity by by separating identification and routing, you should also consider buying and using a good VPN service as it will conceal your Tor usage from ISPs. Make sure to choose a good VPN and as a general rule, avoid free ones. VPNs also come handy in many other settings, so this is a purchase you won’t regret.

Using an amnesic O.S like TAILS will also give you an higher degree of safety, as it allows you to dispose of any leftover information quickly. Using Windows is not advisable so even if you don’t want to use an amnesic O.S, avoid it.

PGP is a must if you don’t want your home address, and any other relevant info you may need to give a seller, falling into the wrong hands (Like Law Enforcement). PGP will also come in handy as a 2-fa method, which gives your account an extra layer of protection in the Apple Market.

Creating an account

Registering with the Apple Market is a simple process. Of course, no email is required, only a bit of patience to deal with the captchas. Before proceeding to the signup page, you must first solve the first captcha.

After solving the first captcha, you’ll be taken to the login page where you can continue as a returning user or create a new account. You’ll need to choose a username, password and withdrawal pin. Make sure your username is new and unrelated to your person or clearnet alias. Your password should be random and hard to crack. Make sure you can keep the PIN number safe, you’ll need it to withdraw from this market.  You’ll also need to solve another captcha.

Interface and functions

The Apple Market is extremely simple to use. It has a simple layout with an intuitive search tool (unlike some markets) and advanced features that can be set in the settings page.

On the user dashboard, simple yet useful tools have been put in place: The Login Method, which allows 2-fa with password and PGP. Profile status (Active, on vacation, or retired). Users can set their preferred currency and upload an avatar.

In settings, users can set up their profile info, PGP Key and security image. This is a very simple and useful tool as it can easily tell you if you are being phished. Here you can also set your preferred currency and multi-sig key.

This page also allows you to change your pin, password and to turn on 2-fa (With PGP). With Apple you can also get an affiliate link so that you can profit from inviting friends to this market, you can find this feature in settings as well.

The market can be accessed by clicking the Apple logo in the left corner and here you’ll find the search tool to the left which allows you to use multiple features. The individual vendor’s page allows users to see the vendor’s rating, his profile info, reviews and feedback, PGP key and, of course, his store.

Apple also provides you with a global vendor page, where you can check out the top vendors and more.


The Apple market offers little variety and very few vendors and items. This, of course, is subject to change as time passes and the market builds up a reputation


  • Drugs (5112)
  • Digital (7561)
  • Others (930)

The most popular category in the apple market is Digital with over seven thousand listings. In this category, users can find accounts, cards, ebooks, keys, software, hosting, and more. In accounts, you will find hacked paypal accounts, cracking tools and premium accounts for all types of services. On cards, users can find virtual credit cards and more. Ebooks is pretty self-explanatory. In software, users will find all kinds of apps including hacking tools. On keys, we have keygens and serial keys. You can also explore the “others” section for items that don’t fit the other subcategories.

As weird as it sounds, Drugs is the second most popular category in this market, with little more five thousand listings, Drugs is divided into these categories: Benzos, cannabis, dissociatives, ecstasy, paraphernalia, prescription, opioids, precursors, psychedelics, steroids, and stimulants

Search Functions and Filter

If you have a specific item in mind, then use the search tool. This tool can be found on the left side of the market, below the categories. Simple, scroll down and write the item you’re looking for. E.g. “LSD”

Then, you can filter by product category, origin, shipping destinations, payment type and vendor stats. This is a simple to use tool that will save you a lot of time. Of course, some people like browsing, so up to you!

How to Choose the Right Vendor

Buying from the deep web is great but it can also be a “pain”. You’ll have to do a bit of homework and you’ll have to vet sellers very carefully. If you don’t, you’ll most likely be scammed sooner or later. But if you can filter out the bad sellers and stick to the good ones, you will have a very positive experience. However, being scammed or even having your order “lost” can happen, so be prepared.

The Apple Market allows you to check the global Vendors page to see the top-rated vendors.

In the individual vendor’s page, you can check the vendor class rating and user rating and you can check if he’s a trusted vendor in other markets. You can also see the reviews and feedback given to him by buyers.

Make sure to check the seller’s instructions on the individual vendor profile so that the transaction goes smoothly.

How to Add Funds

Adding funds is easy. Simply go to the balance page by clicking “My Wallet”. Here you can credit or debit your wallet. To add funds, simply send BTC to the address shown. WARNING: Only send coins to this address once. After coins are received you need to generate a new address to receive payment.

Remember to use never send directly from an exchange and to always use a Bitcoin mixer. Acquiring coins from p2p exchanges is also advised. Exchanges like LocalBitcoins and Paxful allow you to buy coins directly from users and even for cash or cash deposits. This is the best way to go.

How to buy

Buying on the Apple Market is simple. After creating an account, funding it, finding your item and vetting the vendor, you’re pretty much almost done. Buying is just the lest step.

Click on the product that interests you and you’ll be taken to the item page. In this page you’ll get a summary of item, its price, the shipment details and the terms of the user. Make sure you read these carefully before buying. Review all of these, then choose the quantity and shipping options and click “Add to Cart”.  

Then, you’ll need to click “Check out” (or save changes if you want to buy more stuff). You’ll have to fill in your personal shipping info (in the format requested by the vendor) and click “Complete Order”. Make sure to use multisig or escrow for better safety!

You can then check on the order in the orders page. Once you recieve the item, you should finalize the order and rate the item according to its quality and price. If the item is damaged or doesn’t arrive you can dispute the order to get a refund.


You can also access the Market forum by clicking “Forum”. You can talk about the market, vendors, and so on. You can also get help on various subjects if the Wiki page doesn’t answer your questions

Support & Help

The Apple Market provides a Wiki page that should answer most questions regarding the market and the deep web. Despite this, users can still contact support by clicking “Contact” and filling in a support ticket.

Pros and Cons of the Dream Market


  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Multisig escrow
  • Good support system


  • Few items
  • Low variety of categories
  • Balances handled by the market


Amount of Vendors
User Experience
Final Thoughts

The Apple Market is a good market overall. With traditional escrow and multisig, it ensures user safety from scams to a certain degree. Although the market has few listings, there is always time to grow.

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