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BitCloak is a darknet mixer founded in 2016 and it may already be one of the most popular ones on the deep web. With a randomized fee of roughly 2% and no confirmations required to process amounts up to 0.5 Bitcoins and one confirmation for bigger amounts, BitCloak is one of the best alternatives on the deepweb, especially for those that don’t want to create an account.

BitCloak allows you to to choose between to different options: You can either clean your Bitcoins (“Mix My Bitcoins) or you can make an anonymous purchase (“Pay Anonymously”). The difference is that the first one allows you to send any value from which the random fee is deducted and the second one allows you to send the exact amount anonymously by allowing you to pay the amount you want to be sent plus the random fee. This distinction, despite being simple, is extremely useful depending on the situation.

The BitCloak deepweb mixer does not require you to register an account and comes complete with a free API which give webmasters or developers the same functionalities for both the “mix” and “pay” features, which make this a good tool for a market or e-commerce website.


– Service fee (2%)

– Minimum amount (0.028 BTC)

– Maximum amount (25 BTC)

– Customizable delay (optional, up to 8 hours)

– Multiple address withdrawals (optional, up to 10 addresses)

– No Account Required

The minimum mixing amount must be equal to, or higher than, 0.028 BTC, roughly $30 at the current exchange rate, and cannot be greater than 25 BTC. One of the best things about BitCloak is its simplicity. Since you don’t need to register an account,  the process is easy and quick, and doesn’t require you to remember an extra password. BitCloak is aso useful if you’re in a hurry, since the transactions only require one or no confirmations at all depending on the amount you’re mixing, although using a time delay would be advisable.

Using BitCloak, you can have your mixed Bitcoins sent from up to 10 different addresses and with a delay of up to eight hours, which is a great way to throw off any type of chain analysis and further ensure your privacy. BitCloak also provides an additional deepweb escrow service.

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How to use

First off, we want to choose which service we want to use. If you want to mix, let’s say, one BTC, you should choose “Mix My Bitcoins” because this will allow you to send the one coin and receive that one coin minus the random fee. When using the “Pay Anonymously” feature, you need to choose the amount you want to receive on the other side, which means you have to pay the that exact amount plus the random fee. This isn’t the best option if you want to mix all your Bitcoins, for example, or if you only want to clean one and no more. If you want to pay for something or receive an exact number of clean coins, however, then the “Pay Anonymously” option is perfect for you.

Use Mix My Bitcoins if:

You are withdrawing from a market

You are withdrawing from an exchange

You are cleaning all your Bitcoins

Use Pay Anonymously if:

You are paying for a product or service

You are cleaning an exact number of Bitcoins to make a future purchase or transaction

If you chose “Mix My Bitcoins”, input a payout Bitcoin address and select the amount you want to mix. You can also use up to 10 payout addresses and a time delay. Both give you an extra layer of protection and throw off blockchain analysis. Then, click “Mix My Bitcoins” and after doing so you will be shown a BTC address, the amount you need to send and PGP signed proof of address. Now you can send your coins to the address shown.

If you want, you can verify that the address is original by checking if the message is correctly signed. This prevents you from being phished or scammed by an imposter of any sorts. You can click “Check PGP proof” to see the signed message and you can find the signature at the bottom of the page in “Public Key”

If you chose “Pay Anonymously”, then enter the Bitcoin address where to send your anonymous payment and select the exact amount you need to be sent to that address. Click “Pay Anonymously” and you will be shown a BTC address, two specific Bitcoin amounts and PGP signed proof of address. Now, you can send the exact amount shown to the address displayed and the mixer will make the anonymous payment for the address you chose.

Additional Features

A free API is provided by BitCloak, so if you are selling a product or service, you can allow your customers to pay anonymously, for example. The free API can be found here and its instructions here.

Although this isn’t part of the mixer itself, BitCloak also provides an escrow service that can be accessed by clicking Escrow on the top right corner of the page. This is perfect if you want to buy or sell something online but don’t want to register an account on any e-commerce platform or market.


A Frequently Asqued Questions (FAQ) list can be found at the bottom of the page. If you still have any questions or even feedback/suggestions, you can send a message to the BitCloak team to the emails below:

jabber: [email protected]

email: [email protected] 

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Mix My Bitcoins/Pay Anonymously Options
  • Free API


  • No affiliate campaign
  • No clearnet support


Mixing Quality
User Experience
Final Thoughts

BitCloak is possibly one of the best mixers in the deepweb, if you like quick and simple. No account registration is required and the fee is randomized at about 2%. The Mix/Pay options also make the service much more practical depending on the situation. Overall BitCloak is a great choice.

Overall Score 4.5 Mixer Review
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