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Cannabis Growers and Merchants Cooperative (CGMC) is an invite-only marketplace specializing in cannabis and psychedelics. Its invite system is designed to screen new members (as well as vendors) to prevent scams and thefts. It also features multisig to verify transactions. Like most of the major markets, it accepts bitcoin for transactions. Other cryptocurrencies, like Monero and Ethereum, are not accepted at this time.



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How to Access CGMC

TOR browser CGMC

 As with the other major darknet markets, CGMC is hosted on the Tor network, meaning that you’ll have to access it via the Tor Browser. The Tor Browser is a fork of Mozilla Firefox, optimized for anonymity and privacy, and it uses the Tor network to help mask your identity. It does so by directing your internet traffic through a worldwide system of relays to conceal your location and usage information.

To download Tor, visit Tor Project: Download Tor. You can also access CGMC via Orbot and Orfox, although this is potentially less secure, depending on your mobile device’s configurations. For further instructions, we have a tutorial explaining how to access Tor (.onion) sites: How To Access .Onion Sites / Tor Sites

Optionally, you can use a VPN service in addition to Tor, although this, too, can be less secure, depending on the VPN and your setup. If you do insist on using a VPN, it’s best to use one with a no-log policy. (Or, alternatively, create your own.)


Author: Philippe Belet Copyright: 2007 Wikimedia Commons

You’ll also need PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), which is an encryption and decryption and authentication program. This is used to encrypt and decrypt messages that you might send on the site, in order that only the intended recipients read them. It is also used to verify the identities of people that you communicate with on the market (or elsewhere on the dark web). For more information on using PGP, please see our guide: PGP Tutorial for Newbies.

PGP encrypt and decrypt CGMC

Authors: xaedes & jfreax & Acdx Copyright: 2012 Wikimedia Commons

Creating an Account

Creating an account on CGMC is relatively simple, although to initially join, you are required to get an invite code. To do so, visit the invite link above, or if you know one of the admins, contact them. (Doing the former can be much simpler, however.) If you do want to obtain the invite through the link, then there is a five-day wait period for your request to be processed.

Once you have the invite code, simply click the “Register” button on the homepage. As on other markets, come up with a username and password, and then solve the CAPTCHA that appears (in the field that says “What’s the word?”). Afterward, enter the invite code you received.

After you’re registered, merely log in using the same credentials. As it says in the screenshot above, you’ll only have to enter your invite code when registering, not when logging in.

Interface and Functions


CGMC has a fairly easy-to-use interface, though there are lots of different menus, which may be confusing on your first few visits. On its homepage, as you can see, there are two main menus, entitled “Popular Categories” and “Active Vendors.” If you click on “Popular Categories,” a menu appears which lists the five major categories: Flowers, Concentrates, Carts, Edibles, and Shrooms. (As you can see, CGMC specializes in cannabis products and psychedelics.) The products in the listings are arranged vertically, with a preview thumbnail and the product name to its right.

If you select “Active Vendors,” the menu above appears (of course, the vendors’ names are blurred for confidentiality). Look through that menu, and click on a particular vendor’s logo to see their profile and specific listings. To go back to the main menu, click the button that says “Browse All Products.”

At the top of the screen, there’s also a basic menu with these options: “FAQ,” “Wiki,” “Forum,” “Messages,” “Orders,” and “My Account.” Plus, there’s a button that says “US” by default, meaning that vendors will be listed who are in the United States, and prices will be listed in dollars. You can change this to “UK” or “EU” to list vendors in those regions, and the prices will change to either pounds or euros, respectively.

As opposed to some other markets, which have separate sites for their wikis and guides, CGMC has all of these in one place, which is quite convenient. All in all, it’s very easy to use and navigate, which is welcoming to a new buyer.

Categories and Listings

CGMC has fewer categories than some of the larger markets. Be that as it may, their goods are high quality, and you can expect to receive exceptional products when buying here.

The main categories are as follows (with subcategories listed underneath):

  • Concentrates (68)
    • Shatter
    • Specialty
  • Edibles (47)
    • Baked Goods
    • Chocolate
    • Hard Candy
  • Flowers (316)
    • Hybrid
    • Indica
    • Sativa
  • Shrooms (3)

As you can see, the “Flowers” category has the most listings at the time of this review, but this will change with time. If you click on a particular category, all of the products in that group will appear to the right, with images and descriptions. Again, despite the fact that there are few listings compared to a larger market, the vendors are dedicated to their craft and will follow through with the best of products.

Perhaps you already expected this, but the largest number of products available are cannabis-related; there are a few other psychedelics available, however. So if you’re in the market for some other type of drug (or digital goods), look elsewhere.

Search Functions and Filters


CGMC has a rather basic search function, but because there are only a few categories, a complex one isn’t necessary. If you click on “Browse All Products,” the search function will be to the left of the listings. Type in whatever product you’re seeking, such as “kush,” or “Indica,” and it should, in theory, show up in the search results.

A few times, however, we searched for products with very specific names that had showed up in the listings, and they didn’t appear in search results. In other words, CGMC’s search function may need a bit of tweaking. Also, obviously, if you type in a product that isn’t being sold on the market, it won’t show up either. For example, if you search for “grenade launcher,” you won’t get any results.

That aside, you can filter search results by country (that is, countries where the products will be shipped to). Though this option features a long list of countries, not all are available. There’s also a checkbox that reads, “Only domestic vendors,” meaning that you only want results from vendors in your country. This dramatically narrows down the results.

In any case, you should be able to find a product that can be delivered to you with a little bit of searching.

How to Choose a Vendor

As on many other darknet markets, CGMC has vendor profiles and logos. Active vendors on CGMC are displayed on their homepage (as in the blurred picture above).

You also have the option of viewing “all vendors,” which allows you to see every vendor profile on the market (active or not). They will be listed in an alphabetical directory with green and white buttons.

The buttons that are colored green indicate that there are vendors whose names start with that letter. Likewise, buttons that are white indicate that there are no vendors whose names start with that letter (at present). Below the alphabet list is a vertical display of the vendors’ names in alphabetical order as well. If you click on a vendor’s profile, you will see more details about that vendor, such as her ratings, a display picture or logo, the date they were last seen, forum posts, and the followers she has.

To the left, below the vendor’s logo, you can see the vendor’s menu (i.e. current strains he is selling), shipping, and refund policy. If you have other questions, you can visit CGMC’s official forum (linked to above).

How to Place an Order

Placing an order on CGMC is a four-step process. Before this process begins, you will have to find the product you’re interested in, and go to that product’s page. You will then have to click on the green “Start Transaction” button, which is located below the thumbnail of the product.

After clicking this button, you will be taken to a second page, where you will enter the quantity of the item you are choosing to purchase, your address, and any messages you wish to tell the vendor (e.g. “Thanks for the bud.”)

You can also verify the vendor’s PGP public key on this page. In the second step, you will review your order to make sure everything is correct. After you’ve reviewed it, click “Confirm Order” to go to the next page.

A window will then pop up, asking which pay type you wish to use: Direct-Pay or Multi-sig Escrow.

Direct-Pay is the equivalent of finalize-early (FE) on other markets. The payment will be sent directly to the vendor without any verification from you. You should only use this option if you fully trust the vendor. Upon selecting this method, you will need to enter a bitcoin wallet address for any refunds to be sent to (if the vendor cannot accept your payment as designated).

Multi-sig Escrow, on the other hand, allows you (the buyer) to verify that you have received the product before the vendor can withdraw the funds, as a protection against scams. We recommend that you use this method until you have built trust with a particular vendor. If using this method, you will need to enter your bitcoin public key to complete the process.

In the case of the multi-sig method, if you have an undelivered shipment, you may start a dispute with the market after 7 days have passed.

The third step requires you to deposit the appropriate amount of bitcoin into the address provided for you. Payments should be confirmed in a few seconds. If the full payment is not detected within 30 minutes, however, the transaction will be canceled and any partial payments that have been made will be returned to the refund address you provided (these are subject to any standard fees and processing delays).

The fourth (and final) step is to give feedback about your experience.

How to Pay for Orders

Credit: electrum Copyright: 2012 Wikimedia Commons

As explained above, bitcoin (BTC) is the only method of payment currently accepted at CGMC. When following the payment steps, make sure you have the appropriate amount of funds in your bitcoin account. Payments can be done through the multi-sig escrow or direct-pay (FE) methods.

Support & Help

If you have questions about the website or are in need of help, you will have to click on the red “Contact Support” button, which is located in the lower right hand corner of the screen on CGMC. A window will then pop up, in which you can enter any questions or issues you may have.

Note that the support window has a link to the FAQ, in case your question may already be answered there. Responses should only take a few minutes to arrive, and are sent by the name Magnus (whose identity is unknown).

Pros and Cons of CGMC


  • Is a traditional escrow market
  • Invite-only system helps prevent scams
  • Has a market forum and wiki for help
  • Buyer protection available upon request


  • Limited number of products (primarily cannabis and some psychedelics)
  • Limited number of vendors
  • Does not have 2FA (at present)
Amount of Vendors
User Experience
Final Thoughts

CGMC Market is a very good market overall, though it is still new and may not offer as many listings as some of the larger markets. It offers 2-of-3 multisig escrow, and also has an invite-only system in place to help prevent scams. Over time, it will likely grow and have more vendors and listings

Overall Score 4.4
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  1. Gary T

    Great review. Very thorough. I just wanted to mention that CGMC does have 2FA. It’s also growing fast. About 3x as many listings now.. Great site.

  2. rumple

    Crap experience as of december 2017, when trying to pay direct (FE) btc fee is fucking ripoff transactions fee cost over $13 and are getting taken off the blockchain.info then sent back minus small fee absolute joke this bitcoin shit at the moment

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