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Visit Now! is being referred online as the worlds’ fist ever bitcoin cash coin mixer. This basically means that is after improving our privacy by breaking any links which might be available between us and the payment destinations.

Concerning its performance, it is clearly visible that contains a large pool of pre mixed coins. Whenever you make a transaction on, the system will automatically place your currency in queue and use the oldest coins contained in the pool to issue payment request. This is what makes transfers untraceable. Features

  1. Has a delay Feature
    This feature allows one to delay their transaction for a specified number of blocks. This is what makes it harder to link payments.
  2. Return Address Option
    This makes it possible for one to break their amount into tiny pieces before being sent out to their destination.
  3. Better Random Selection
    This platform uses algorithms that ensure no destination address will be able to receive direct deposits. All the bitcoins will have to travel through different addresses before getting to their intended target thanks to the mixing process being used by this software.
  4. Incentives makes use of a lottery system that charges some fee in order to deliver its users with some incentives. According to official website, each mixing transaction does collect all fees for any pending orders. It will then add some of it to the round price and some to the jackpot.  This will increase the chances of winning the lottery as you send more via this platform.
  5. Lower Fee
    The fees are always kept dynamic in order to improve privacy. This basically means that if the figure being transferred is not much, the fee will be higher and vice versa.
  6. Privacy
    All the recorded orders in the database are only worked on for the time it takes to process them in order to maximize the privacy of the user. For instance, after all the transfers have been executed, in most cases after 24 hours, the logs will automatically be deleted and the database overwritten with blank values. There is no IP address that is stored in the database.

How the Bitcoin mixers work

The bitcoin mixers work by literally mixing your payment together with payments from others users. This makes it impossible for any observer to tell who is sending money to whom. However, any observer who knows your address will be able to see the amount you have sent or received. They won’t however be in a position to see who you are sending the payment to.

Right time to use a Bitcoin mixer

Mixers must only be used by individual sending money since the payment will be sent through the mixer to its destination.

Although it can be possible for one to receive coins through the mixer, quirks who are imposed by popular services like expiring addresses or the urge to send a precise amount to the address provided makes it very difficult.  In order to get the best privacy, majority of the mixers always want to send several payments to different addresses. It will be much easier to mix the coins at hand before sending the normal payment just in case you will be sending money to an individual who can make things awkward.

Fee Distribution Structure

  • 5% will cover the mixing transaction.
  • 10% will go into reserve
  • 20% will go to jackpot
  • 30% will go to round prize
  • 35% will go to investors

How to Use

Part 1: Choose Your Outputs

Procedure 1: Select Your Outputs

Select Your Outputs

Procedure 2: Click on participate in order to initiate the mixing process.

initiate the mixing process

It is advisable that you divide your transaction into more than a single wallet in order to achieve better privacy. In this case we will be using two outputs.

Key in the address where you will want the bitcoins sent to (1), enter the amount in (2) and the time delay you will be using in (3).

It is recommended that you use time delay in order to throw off the blockchain analysis.
blockchain analysis

Procedure 3: (redo step three again) Key in the address where you will want your bitcoin sent to (one), enter the amount (two) and the time delay you will be interested in using (three). Remember, it is always advisable to use time delay in order to get from the analysis of blockchain. outputs

Part 2 Mix the Bitcoin

Procedure 1: Choose your preferred transfer method of bitcoin. In this procedure we will use address and amount.

Procedure 2: To be sure that the sending address was actually provided by, ensure you download the guarantee letter at the bottom of the page. This letter will also be of great help in case you experience any withdrawal issues.  You can verify the signature using the PGP software. letter of gurantee

Procedure 4: Scroll up and send the right bitcoin amount (1) to the address indicated (2)

transfer the bitcoin

You will now be directed to the status page. Here you will be able to check on your order in real time.


There you have it! You have just learnt how to protect yourself from the fishy eyes by knowing how to use the mixer.  Though it might appear to be overkill, in order to retain your privacy, you must be ready to go through certain hoops.

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