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HANSA Market is a darknet market hosted on the Tor network that describes itself as having “…the main focus on a trustless payment system which makes it impossible for the vendors OR the site staff to run away with bitcoins of the buyers.”

It makes use of a multisig escrow system,  does not have bitcoin deposits, and does not support the use of FE (Finalize Early) or partial escrow releases.



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How to Access HANSA Market

As you may know if you have used other darknet markets, the HANSA Market site is a Tor hidden service (.onion site), which can only be accessed via the Tor Browser, or an app such as Orfox, which is basically the Tor Browser built for mobile devices.

Many also recommend using a VPN while accessing Tor to help cover your tracks, although it is not absolutely necessary (in fact, some experts advise against it, because not all VPN providers are trustworthy). Nonetheless, if this is something that concerns you, there are many sites that do comparisons of the best VPN providers, which you can find with a little searching.

In addition to using Tor, you should also definitely use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) to encrypt your messages while accessing any darknet market.

While PGP is not required either, experts recommend using it in case your information is compromised, particularly because of the nature of the site.

HANSA Market Registration Process

Registration for Hansa is very simple. You enter a username and password (preferably a very secure password), and then you must solve a CAPTCHA like the one above to verify that you’re not a bot or spammer.

There is also a message (in very small print) that reads: “Please make absolutely sure the URL inside the security image matches the one in your browser! If they do not match, leave this site immediately.” This is to prevent phishing (i.e. theft of login credentials and personal information), which is very common on Tor.

Once your account has been created successfully, you must log in, using the credentials you just created. When you first join, you will have a “buyer” account by default. However, if you wish to become a vendor, you can change this under your Account Dashboard page.

HANSA Market Interface and Functions

HANSA Market offers a number of features in its dashboard, which may remind new users of other social media sites and forums on the clearnet.

Under the section that reads “My Orders,” you will see a list of any orders of products that you have recently made. These consist of: orders awaiting confirmation; orders awaiting acceptance; orders processing; orders in transit; finalized orders; disputed orders; and cancelled orders.

To the right of the Orders menu, you’ll see a section that says “Messages,” in which you can find any messages you’ve received from vendors or other users of the site. To the left, you’ll see another menu, in which you can find the following options: Notifications, Orders, Messages, Favorite Vendors, Favorite Listings, Affiliates (buyers and vendors you have referred to HANSA), PGP (where you enter your PGP key), Multi-Signature (a.k.a. multisig), and Settings (where you can change certain preferences).

It is under this menu that you can also apply to become a vendor, by clicking the button “Become a Vendor,” but you’ll need to enter your public PGP key first in order to do so.

While it may take some time to familiarize yourself with the functions, it should become second nature quite quickly.

HANSA Market Categories/Listings

HANSA, like some of the other leading darknet markets, sells goods in a number of categories. It may not be as large as some of its competitors (like AlphaBay), but it still offers a high-quality selection of purchases.

At the time of this writing, the categories (and number of goods) are as follows

  • Drugs (11863)
  • Fraud Related (1695)
  • Guides & Tutorials (3065)
  • Services (1101)
  • Jewellery (17)
  • Digital Goods (8006)
  • Erotica (1384)
  • Counterfeit (488)
  • Electronics (34)
  • Security & Hosting (55)
  • Miscellaneous (274)

  • Under “Drugs,” you’ll find many of the familiar items that would appear in other darknet markets: Cannabis, Tobacco, Opioids, Steroids, Psychedelics, and others. Beyond the drugs themselves, there is a section entitled Paraphernalia, in which you’ll find things like glass pipes, insulin needles, etc.
  • The “Digital Goods” category features such things as Premium streaming service Accounts, Unlimited Accounts on various adult sites, and other technology-related items.
  • The “Fraud Related” category offers such things as scanned U.S. driver’s licenses, MLB TV Premium Accounts, Groupon UK and Canada accounts, and carding tutorials.
  • The “Erotica” category (as you might expect) offers porn accounts and other things of that nature; sometimes multiple accounts are sold in bundles.
  • “Services” features IDs and Passports, counterfeit bills, hacking and malware guides, Malware and Botnets (like the KilerRat v10.0), and Cash-Out Services.
  • “Jewellery” [sic] features Mont Blanc pens and Gucci necklace replicas (among other things).
  • “Counterfeits” offers the obvious counterfeit bills and credit cards of different nationalities, as well as guides and tutorials for those new to the field. It also includes accessories (like watches) and apparel (like designer clothing knockoffs).
  • “Electronics” includes items such as a Bitlox Advanced Darknet Optimized Hardware Bitcoin Wallet, SIM Cards, and iPhones.
  • “Security and Hosting” advertises items like proxy lists, ZenMate VPN accounts, Netflix Accounts, and IPVanish accounts.
  • “Miscellaneous” offers anything from “CCleaner Pro” accounts to “UBER Worldwide Unlimited Free Rides” and a “HUGE Blackmarket Contact List.”

While it may look like a free-for-all, HANSA does place restrictions on certain types of items: child and animal pornography, human organs, snuff movies, human trafficking, murder-for-hire services, and the sale of live animals are not allowed.

One caveat is that some items do seem to be miscategorized, or at least placed in odd locations. For this reason, the search function can be quite helpful.

Search Functions and Filters

HANSA’s search filter option can make the process of finding what you want much simpler. Simply click whichever listing interests you (e.g. “Drugs”), and  then hit the small blue “Filter” button at the top.

Once there, you can select options such as “Physical” or “Digital” goods; “Ships From” and “Ships To” (i.e. narrow down which country you want your goods shipped from or to); Minimum Price and Maximum Price, and which specific currency; Vendor Level, and Minimum Positive Feedback. You can also select checkboxes that designate Trusted Vendors Only, Active Vendors Only (ones who have been online in the last 3 days), or Subscribed Vendors Only.

Vendor Level refers to a vendor’s experience, but also includes these details:

As you can see in the chart, a vendor at a lower experience level automatically incurs higher market fees, as well as longer auto-finalize times, and smaller 2-of-2 order values. In order to reach each consecutive level, a vendor needs more experience points (not unlike a character in an RPG).

How to Choose the Right Vendor

Like the majority of other darknet markets, Hansa has profile pages for each of its vendors, which provide important information and feedback on each.  As you might expect, vendors with more orders, higher trust ratings, and more feedback are the ones you would generally want to order from.

This information can be incredibly valuable, particularly in a field where many buyers have gotten scammed in one way or another. The vendor featured in the screenshot above, for example, has overwhelmingly positive ratings, over 1000 orders, and has reached experience Level 12 (i.e. he has lots of expertise).

While not pictured in the screenshot, said vendor has had success on other darknet markets as well, including AlphaBay and Valhalla.

How to Add Funds

Unlike some of its darknet market contemporaries, Hansa Market does not have a deposit system. Instead, you must add a bitcoin address to your account (under your Dashboard). Therefore, your fund source is your actual bitcoin wallet; looking after the funds is up to you.

Part of the reason for this, as mentioned earlier, is to help prevent vendors and site admins from stealing customers’ bitcoins.

Ordering Guide

Ordering goods from Hansa is just about as simple as doing anything else on the site. You merely have to look up the item (either by searching for it or looking under the listings), select the quantity you want, and then click the “Buy Now” button.

(Note: before being able to complete the transaction, you need to make sure that you’ve connected your profile to a BTC address.) Afterwards, you will be sent to a page where you can enter a shipping address as a message to the vendor (which you should encrypt with PGP!).

When you get to the payment process, the site will generate a unique bitcoin wallet address, to which you’ll be sending your funds. As a security measure, this address will only accept funds within a period of 15 minutes. If you don’t complete the payment, the bitcoin address will reset and the item’s price will be recalculated. The vendor has 48 hours to accept or decline your order.

As mentioned in the intro, Hansa supports multisig payments. On its default settings, when the vendor accepts the order, the payment goes to a 2-of-2 multisig wallet. In this case, 2-of-2 means that the wallet requires both the signature of the vendor and Hansa to authorize the bitcoin transaction. Beyond that, you also have the option of 2-of-3 multisig payments, which enables the buyer (you) to access the funds, in the event that the vendor is banned, or declines to settle a dispute over the transaction.

Orders are only finalized after the items are received; as mentioned before, Hansa does not support FE. In the event that an order does not arrive, or an order is incomplete or damaged, the buyer can initiate a dispute. On the other hand, disputes are not allowed under these circumstances: a low-quality product, inability of the buyer to use a digital product, or obsolescence of a product.

Support Page

Hansa Market also offers a support page for both buyers and vendors. There are sections for general questions, bitcoins, ordering, experience, and other areas. For vendors, there are explanations as to how to sign transactions, how to become a vendor, how the Level system works, and what goods are forbidden.

Pros and Cons of Hansa


  • Excellent and easy-to-use site design
  • Bitcoin deposits not required
  • Good support system and forums
  • 2-of-3 multisig payments and 2FA


  • Smaller selection than some of its marketplace competitors
  • Layout can be confusing at times
  • Does not support finalize early (FE)
  • Limited in some categories, like Electronics
Amount of vendors
User Experience
Final Thoughts

HANSA Market

Overall Score 4.8
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