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The Infinite Market is a completely new deep web market with no listings at all. The market has some nice features like 2-out-of-3 Multisginature escrow which provides you an additional layer of protection against exit scams by the market or vendor. Infinite allows users to view their balance in multiple currencies. The Infinite Market provides a bug bounty program to keep the marketplace safer.

Infinite also provides support for BIP32 keys, which allows you to use a BIP32 extended public key. This is a master public key that allows the market to derive a unique public key for every order. The transaction is then signed locally with the corresponding private key (of the public key derived from the BIP32 master key).

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How to Access the Infinite Market

In order to access the Infinite Market, you’ll need to install the Tor Browser which will keep your IP address private. You may also want to buy a VPN service. If this is your first time using it, you may want to check out this simple  Do’s and Don’ts list.

You’ll also need a PGP key in order to communicate with sellers with encrypted messages, ensuring that your private information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, even if the market is seized or attacked.

You’ll also need some Bitcoins. We advise using a decentralized market like Bitsquare or a p2p exchange like LocalBitcoins or Paxful. Alternatively, you can also find P2P sellers on forums and online groups. Remember to always keep your BTC in your own wallet (exchanges can be hacked) and to always use a Bitcoin mixer when making a purchase or withdrawing from the market. Using multiple wallet addresses is also advisable.

Creating an account

To create an account with the Infinite Market you can click here (or click Register on the login page). Enter your username, password, and Pin. Then solve the captcha and click “Register”. Remember to keep the PIN safe as you’ll need it to make withdrawals.

You’ll be taken directly to the login page. Enter your username and password, solve the captcha and click “Login”.

Interface and functions

The Infinite Market can be easily navigated since it doesn’t have many special features. The market itself is the front page. You can deposit and withdrawal Bitcoin by clicking the “Deposit” or “Withdrawal” button on the top menu. Withdrawing requires the account pin. You can also go to the “Forum” to interact with other users and to the “Support” page to see F.A.Qs and/or open a support ticket.

You can hover your mouse above your username menu, which will open a dropdown menu. Here, you can access “Orders” to see your ongoing purchases. You can also send and receive messages in the “Messages” page. In “Settings”, you can configure update your password, currency and profile pin. You can also reset your profile pin, which requires you to add a PGP key. This can also be done in the settings page.

You can also add a BIP32 key in “BIP32 Configuration”, which allows you to use a BIP32 extended public key. This is a master public key that allows the market to  derive a unique public key for every order. The transaction is then signed locally with the corresponding private key (of public key derived from the BIP32 master key).

Lastly, you can also become a vendor in your username menu. We don’t advise you to unless you know what you’re doing of course.


Like we said, this is a completely new market, which means there isn’t a lot to see in terms of listings, other than an example item. We expect the market to get some sellers soon, but in the meantime, let’s check out the categories.

The categories on the Infinite market are:

Digital Goods & services

  •    Guides & Tutorials
  •    Software
  •    Account Dumps
  •    E-books
  •    Fraud
  •    Cards & Fulls


  •   Benzos
  •    Cannabis & Hashish
  •    Dissociatives
  •    Ecstasy
  •    Opioids
  •    Prescription
  •    Steroids
  •    Stimulants
  •    Tobacco
  •    Psychedelics
  •    Weight Loss
  •    RCs

Drug Paraphernalia

  •    Drug Paraphernalia


  •    Carded Items
  •    Counterfeits
  •    Electronics
  •    Jewellery
  •    Others

All the basics are covered. Now, Infinite just needs sellers.

Search Functions and Filters

Since there are no listings, testing the search tool is not really possible. However, we can see the search box on the top menu. You can sort by date, price, and name. After searching, however, you cannot choose a category to narrow down the search and there are no filters. Overall, it’s not a great search tool.

How to Add Funds

Adding funds to your market balance can be done on the deposit page. Simply, click “Deposit” on the top menu and you’ll be taken to another page. Here, you’ll see a PGP signed message with a wallet address in it. You can send your funds to the wallet address displayed. In order to confirm the authenticity of the wallet address and to ensure you’re not being phished, you can confirm that the message is correctly signed by verifying it with their public PGP key. Said key can be found on below on the same page.

You can also set up a BIP32 key in order to use multisig. An example of a BIP32 enabled wallet would be Electrum, which is a great light wallet. In order to setup your BIP32 key, hover your mouse above the “yourusername menu” and click “BIP32 configuration”

Then enter your BIP32 master key.  This is a master public key that allows the market to derive a unique public key for every order.

How to Choose the Right Vendor

If you’re new to the deepweb, then this is an art that you’ll have to perfect over time. The darknet has its  fair share of scammers, so learning how to avoid them will spare you a lot of drama and money. In the long run, this is what will set an positive deepweb experience from a negative one. No one likes to be scammed.

Infinite allows you to choose between a regular centralized escrow and a multisig escrow. The difference is that the first option will entrust your BTC to the market, while the multisig escrow entrusts the funds to you, the seller and mods in a shared account called multisig address. This latter option gives you more safety against market and vendor exit scams.

When browsing listings, you can click the name of the vendor below the listing to check his profile. When you do so, you can check the number of deals the vendor has completed and his average rating which is based on buyer reviews. Here, you can also see the latest feedbacks left by customers, the seller’s products, and his PGP key. If you have any questions, you can also contact the vendor by clicking “Contact Vendor”

How to buy

Once you’ve chosen the listing you want to buy, click on the title or image to go to that item’s page. Here, you’ll be able to find details regarding the item, see how many times the product has been successfully sold and its rating. Below, you’ll see the type of listing in terms of escrow. Multisig is the safest option, but escrow can still be used if you trust the market.

Then, you can choose your shipping options and click “Order” to buy the item. You’ll need to have a balance in order to make the purchase with Escrow.


Here, you can keep up with the latest market news and talk about general market topics like product and vendor reviews, security, features and bugs, and more. However, since the market is brand new (still has that new car smell), there are only 15 registered users at the moment.

Support & Help

You can go to the support page by clicking “Support” on the top menu. You have a small list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a the bug bounty offerings available. You can also message the moderators by clicking “Ticket”.

You’ll be taken to another page where you can see your unresolved and resolved tickets and create a new one.

Pros and Cons of the Dream Market


  • Simple
  • BIP32 Support
  • Organized
  • Multisig and traditional escrow


  • No listings
  • Low quality search tool
  • Poor design

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