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The Majestic Garden Review

The Majestic Garden, unlike its darknet market contemporaries, is a forum for psychedelics (DMT, LSD, etc.) and other such things. Therefore, it’s not a market in the traditional sense.

Nonetheless, members do buy and sell products through P2P transactions, which makes Majestic Garden somewhat of a forum-market hybrid. Its advantages, at present, are that there are no wallets to keep track of; no fees for creating or upgrading your account; and no site admins regulating transactions (as there are on multisig markets, for example).

Majestic Garden Market URL:


Majestic Garden Account Registration Onion Link and Forum


  • Psychedelics forum that doubles as a decentralized marketplace
  • Expedites the buying and selling process of psychedelics through P2P transactions
  • Is an excellent place to get the low-down on other markets

How To Access The Majestic Garden

As with most of the other darknet markets in operation today, The Majestic Garden cannot be accessed using your average web browser. Majestic Garden has a .onion URL, meaning it is hosted on the Tor network.

TOR is an acronym for “the onion router,” meaning that it disguises your identity by bouncing your internet traffic through a worldwide network of relays (at least this is the short explanation).  The Tor browser, however, is merely a fork of the Firefox browser that is  optimized for anonymity and privacy.

For further details, see our tutorial How to Access .Onion Sites/Tor Sites.

Beyond the Tor browser, you will also need PGP and bitcoins. Although it isn’t absolutely necessary, you can use a VPN or a Linux distro as well.

  • PGP is a method of encrypting and decrypting private messages that you may send on The Majestic Garden. To learn more about it, see our article PGP Tutorial for Newbies.
  • Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is used on most darknet markets. In order to buy and sell goods on Majestic Garden, you will definitely need some bitcoin.
  • VPN stands for “virtual private network,” and is a method of creating a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network.
  • Linux distros are operating systems made from a software collection based on the Linux kernel. These can be helpful if you have a less secure operating system, such as Windows. Popular examples of Linux distros are Qubes, Whonix, Arch Linux, and Tails.

Account Registration and Login

In theory, it shouldn’t take long to register with The Majestic Garden. All you need is a username, email address, and password. Yes, unlike some other markets, you do need an email address to sign up. Therefore, if you’re undeterred by this, use an email address that isn’t associated with sites that you use on the clearnet (and perhaps even on Tor as well).

If you’re concerned about having a username that resembles one you use on other sites, then have a program generate it for you, like this: [email protected] (we don’t believe this is anyone’s real email address).

You should be able to complete your registration process in less than one minute.

Once the process is completed, your account consists of what is, more or less, a forum account. In other words, there are no distinctions between buyer and vendor accounts; all new accounts have the same capabilities.

As you log in, take note of the fact that the site gives you an option as to how long you’ll remain logged in. If you so choose, you can “always” remain logged in. We decided to test out this feature, and chose the option to only remain logged in for one minute. True to the market’s word, it really does log you out after one minute; that’s a helpful security feature.

Majestic Garden Account Interface and Functions

maj_garden homepage

The Majestic Garden homepage.

As explained in the intro, Majestic Garden is different from your standard markets like AlphaBay or Dream Market, so expect to see a forum interface upon first logging in. In both appearance and function, it is much closer to darknet forums such as DNM Avengers.

Majestic Garden’s messaging system also differs from that of most markets. It does, however, have a private messaging system with an email-like interface, in which you can communicate with other users on the site.

In addition, users often sign posts with their public PGP key to verify that the messages are genuine. Unlike on most markets, there is no place under your account settings to upload your PGP key, so you’ll have to sign each message individually.

As explained in the intro, you will not have a bitcoin wallet connected to the Majestic Garden, and therefore, any transactions that you do will be independent and at your discretion. What this means is that forum admins will not be able to intervene on your behalf if you get scammed or have a dispute.

On top of this, no “order” functions exist, as on most other markets. In terms of its interface and functions, Majestic Garden most closely resembles the Russian Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP), which also has a forum interface.

The Majestic Garden’s main purpose is to learn information about various psychedelics and help users make decisions about what they might want to buy or sell. Our recommendation is to do the actual transactions on an established market (because most already have systems in place to do such things).

Product Listings and Special Offers (Items for Sale)

No Categories and Listings page exists on The Majestic Garden, but there is a section entitled “Vendor Information and Reviews,” in which you will find items that are up for sale; advertisements from a number of darknet market vendors (which includes links to their corresponding stores); vendor reviews; and lists of Rogue Vendors, i.e. vendors that have been known to scam customers or other such infringements.

There are no special categories allocated to the items that are for sale on The Majestic Garden. Nonetheless, here is a sample of the listings that we saw on the site at the time this review was written (we make no claim as to the authenticity of any of these posts):

  • Free LSD to anyone with xxx+ posts here
  • MDMA $15 / G!!!!!!
  • ***Coupons for Psychedelics*** 40% off LSD, 2C-B, Mescaline, MDA, DMT, DOM, etc.
  • DIAMOND FLUFF SALE WOW Limited stock Best price
  • Bubble Hash  – 8$/g 🙂 + Shipping
  • The Great 7 sale
  • Pure_Intentions’ — BLUE LOUIS VUITTON DUTCH XTC PILLS (220mg) — US-US
  • 99% Pure White DMT
  • MDMA SPECIAL OFFER!!! ONE WEEK SALE – Extended till March 20th
  • Weed – Girl Scout Cookies $150/oz
  • Black Licorice MDMA 23g+ $777
  • Dark BHO Shatter
  • Concentrate Spring Sale
  • Cashey’s Honey-High CBD Strain 🙂
  • 4-HO-MiPT Sale

Beyond these, you can also find lists of vendors, also under the Vendor Information and Reviews thread. These lists will direct you to active vendors on the various markets, such as Outlaw Market  and Apple Market.

Vendors who desire to post offers on the site are required to be active for at least 1 week, so that they can answer questions from potential buyers. If a vendor posts an ad or a description of a product before this one week-window has passed, the post will be removed 10 days after it has been created.

Search and Search Filters


Majestic Garden’s search function.

Majestic Garden does not have search filters like you would find on most markets, but it does have a search function. This is a basic forum search function, however, so don’t expect a lot of options as you might on the other markets.


Using the search function is very simple. Type in a search string, such as  “bromo.” You can filter the results in several ways:

  • By user: type in the username of a specific person whose posts you want to find.
  • Search order: most relevant results first, largest topics first, smallest topics first, most recent topics first, or oldest topics first.
  • Options: you can choose “show results as messages” or “search in topic subjects only.”
  • Message age: you can designate a range of how many days old the message you are searching for is.

You can also designate a specific board to search in, or select the box that says “check all.” Other than these, there are no search filters. The rest of the work you’ll have to do on your own.

How to Order and Pay/Receive Payments

Because of its decentralized nature, Majestic Garden doesn’t have a formalized system for buying and selling. It just allows vendors and customers to deal with one another via private messages and the like. Nonetheless, in just about every instance, vendors on the site will share links to their official stores or pages on major darknet markets. In essence, you’ll just have to create an account on the corresponding market, or use the account that you already have (if you have an existing one).

While this format may sound like it would open you to scams, the fact that most vendors link to their official stores is a positive, in our opinion. Once you are linked to said market, you’ll be restricted by whatever rules the specific market has in place.

How to Choose a Vendor

A vendor thread on Majestic Garden.

Majestic Garden’s vendor reviews can be extremely helpful, and might even be a good “first trip” (pun intended) before you buy any actual goods on markets (particularly psychedelics).

The site shows a myriad of vendor appraisals under the Vendor Information and Reviews thread.These reviews, on the other hand, are not written in a formalized way. They are mainly comments and opinions from customers who have tried the products from various vendors. (Some do use a 0-5 star rating system, however).

The Vendor Information and Reviews section also features threads that list non-active vendors and Rogue Vendors (i.e. scammers). This should lend a hand in avoiding vendors that may scam you.

The Majestic Garden Support

The “Security” thread on Majestic Garden.

The Majestic Garden’s support section is kind of like a mini-forum within the larger forum. There are two threads in this section: Forum and Security.

Use the Forum section for any problems or disputes you may have while using the site. The Security section, on the other hand, deals with PGP, encrypted email providers, and other topics to help you with your safety and anonymity while using the dark web.

Forum Topics

Because the Majestic Garden is a forum, we would be remiss if we didn’t include a section covering some of the forum topics. Some of the most distinguished threads are as follows:

  • General Discussion – This thread has the largest number of posts, and covers a variety of subjects, including experiences on psychedelics, bitcoin, other markets (such as OpenBazaar), and music festivals (at which, presumably, psychedelics will be consumed).
  • LSD – A thread dedicated just to LSD.
  • Special Offers to TMG Members – Discounts and promotions offered by vendors to members of the site.
  • Safety & Awareness – Questions and answers on how to safely use various psychedelics.
  • Avengers Information, Comments and Discussions – A section with threads on many different psychedelics, including DMT, MDMA/MDA, cannabis, and “Crystal Comparison Corner,” for crystal specific reviews and comparisons.
  • Spiritual Topics – This contains a thread with the life experiences of psychedelic users, as well as a thread called “Free the Soul,” which concerns topics of spirituality and meditation.

Pros and Cons 


  • Insightful forum with a plethora of information on psychedelics
  • Offers many vendor reviews
  • Includes conversations about safety and awareness
  • Good social network for those interested in related topics


  • No formalized system in place for buying and selling
  • Site admins will not intervene on transactions
  • Lack of security options may open you to scams

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