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Outlaw is a darknet market that has been online for a long time now. One of the classics, Outlaw also employs a traditional centralized escrow system, meaning that users’ funds are handled by the market admins. However, the market also offers 2-2 multi-signature which makes it harder for the seller or market to scam you without collaborating with each other. In the Outlaw market, you’ll find everything you need to be a certified outlaw yourself (and then some!).

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Creating an account

When accessing the market you will encounter a CAPTCHA code to confirm that you are not entering into a malicious website. Just write the darker letters in the blank box (the red letters should be the correct .onion URL of the market). The CAPTCHA can be tricky as usual, have some patience if you need to try 3 or 4 times before landing in the market. Although, we did get a bonus laugh from the “I’m no fucking’ DDOS-bot” message.

Interface and functions

In the landing page, you will find a mixer that you can use when moving bitcoins from or to exchanges. Do not pay vendors directly from an exchange! After registering (only a nickname and password needed to login), you will land on the main page. It is not that appealing to the eye, but it provides a complete information to the general user providing some tips throughout the whole market. It has intuitive labels for the tabs and it should not be hard to navigate the market. In the Profile tab, you can set up your PGP key, as well as define your preferred currency, destination country or even change your username.

As you will read somewhere in the welcoming message, you will find that Outlaw Market does not store data for a long time. Messages and orders are deleted frequently so your addresses and sensitive information can be taken away from cops if the databases get touched. Also, if you go inactive by a period of 6 months your account will also be erased.


In the Listings tab, you will find the searching tools to find whatever you need. In the right part of the screen, there is a chat where people advertise their product in few lines. Once again, we strongly advise you to search Escrow or multisig orders only since it will decrease the chance of the vendor getting the money if he doesn’t send the item. In the left part of the screen, you have all the categories available, which are:

  • Digital goods
  • Drugs
  • Electronics
  • E-money
  • Laboratory
  • Real goods
  • Services

The Drugs category has a lot of subcategories displayed on a blue background. Some examples are weed, cocaine, MDMA, LSD and ketamine.

Search Functions and Filters

The Outlaw market does not provide many searching tools so you must have patience and look at vendors’ pages to find what they are advertising. When searching for a category, you can find a menu that gives you a filtering option for sorting the results. You can sort by alphabetic order (default), cheapest, newest, discounted, fastest delivery time and featured.

So, after searching in “MDMA” category, we found a couple of listings. In each, you can read vendors’ reputation (about communication and overall customer satisfaction), FE / Escrow listing, last time the vendor was online and some items listed. If you press the listing, you will find more detailed information.

How to Add Funds

In the Account tab, you can manage BTC. You can see the balance, get new deposit addresses, set up an auto-payout system (to a user-defined BTC address) and see your deals’ history.

To add funds, simply press the green button “get new funding address” and you will be provided with the BTC address as well as a QR code (you can use them in bitcoin ATM’s for example).

How to buy

After you have done your research, you might already have an item which you are very interested in. You should guarantee that you are buying from a vendor with a good reputation, that has been active a few days ago, with an Escrow listing and if possible with positive reviews and satisfying ratings. This decreases the chance of losing money to scammers.

Roll down the page and you will be asked the quantity you want to buy. Define the quantity, write your home address in the Customers’ comments (look for PGP encryption) and press “Order”. If you buy bulk, you might have some discounts!

If you are in an escrow listing as advised, you are supposed to wait for the order to arrive at your mail before concluding the buying. If you do this, the vendor will only receive the money when you confirm you have received it. This acts as a security measure for you and an incentive to not exit scam for the vendor.

Forum, Support & Help

While the forum does not provide a forum per se. It does provide a useful bulletin board with loads of useful information. They provide multiple warnings, fixes, guides and more!  Outlaw did use to have a forum, but unfortunately it was shut down due to certain security flaws.  This lead to the creation of the aforementioned board where users can find valuable information in order to keep them secure.


  • Deletes users’ data frequently
  • Easy and intuitive to use


  • Not user-friendly layout
  • Might have few listings comparing to other markets


Amount of Vendors
User Experience
Final Thoughts

The Outlaw Market is a robust and reliable market with a decent quantity of vendors and a wide range of products. A helpful bullet board helps users navigate the website and the deep web itself.

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