Penguin Mixer Review

The Penguin Mixer allows you to “clean” or “mix” your Bitcoin by exchanging your bitcoins for an equal amount of someone else’s bitcoins, throwing off blockchain analysis. Since the Penguin Mixer is an open source Bitcoin mixer, anyone is free to take a look at the underlying code of the website and see that everything is working as expected and even use it to create your own mixer or to integrate it on your darknet website.

With a randomized fee of 0.5% to 1%, Penguin has one of the lowest fees in the mixer ecosystem which can end up saving you a lot of money over time. You can also choose to send clean BTC to multiple addresses (up to 5) and to add a time delay which adds an extra layer of protection to your mix.

The website doesn’t use JavaScript which makes it safer to use on the Tor browser and is one of the reasons for Penguin Mixer’s simplistic design and few additional features.


– Service fee (0.5%-1%)

– Minimum amount (0.02 BTC)

– Maximum amount (4 BTC)

– Customizable delay (optional, random)

– Multiple address withdrawals (optional, up to 5 addresses)

– No Account Required

Using the Penguin mixer is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require or allow you to create an account. To mix your BTC with the Penguin Mixer,you must send between 0.02 BTC and 4 BTC. After starting a mix, you need to send your coins within 24 hours or the address will become invalid. (Failure to follow these rules will result in lost bitcoins)

You can receive your coins in separate address, from one to five different addresses, and with a randomized time delay, which helps throw off blockchain analysis. These two features are optional but we advise you to always use them to ensure your privacy. It’s also advisable that you always use different addresses for each transaction and/or mix.

Penguin Mixer URL


How to use

Using the Penguin Mixer is as simple as it gets, which is one of the great things about it. Once you’re in the page, you’ll have five fields in which you can type the Bitcoin addresses you want to receive your coins in. Then, you can choose between two different types oftime delays, fast or “i’m not in a rush”. The former will have your BTC sent quickly within one hour, while the latter will delay the payment for a few hours. The delays are completely random. If you specified more than one output address, your payment will be sent to you in separate transactions for each output address, with a delay between each payment.

To continue, just click “Go on” and you’ll be shown a Bitcoin address below the sentence “Send your funds into this address”. Simply send your coins to the Bitcoin address shown.

Further below on the page, you will also be shown your “secret mixing key”. This secret mixing  key allows you to check the status of your current mix. To do so, simply click on the “check your mix status” button on the current page. You can also click “Chek Mix” on the Penguin mixer home page. (Lastly, you can also contact support if you need further assistance.9

Additional Features

The Penguin mixer is pretty simplistic and there aren’t many special features apart from being Open source and using no Javascript on the website.There is, however, a menu on the top of the page with some additional tools:

As we mentioned above, the Penguin mixer allows you to check up on your mix status on the “Check Mix” button. It also provides you with a useful F.A.Q page. Here, you can check the rules and basics of the Penguin Mixer and understand how mixing works in general.

Then, you can also check the Penguin Mixer’s source code. Penguin encourages you to “do whatever you want with this code” and they have also written a tutorial on how to set up a bitcoin mixer hidden service using the Penguin Mixer code.

Lastly, you can also find out how to contact the Penguin Mixer team through the “contract” page.

Although there aren’t a lot of additional features, this is part of Penguin’s mixer style, making it a simple mixer and a safe one due to its lack of JavaScript.


If you have any questions regarding the website or Bitcoin mixing, you can always check the F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) section which willl teach you the basics of the Penguin Mixer and how mixing works in general.

If you still have questions or require assistance, you can also find how to contact support through the contact page. You can either send an email through or use reddit or bitcointalk. You can use PGP to encrypt your message to support, which will protect the contents of said message from any hacker that may gain access to it.


  • Easy to use
  • Low fee
  • Open source


  • No affiliate campaign
  • No clearnet support

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