Pyramid Market Review

Launched on the 24th of May 2017, the Pyramid market has been growing in popularity since. The marketplace currently charges no commission nor does it allow deposits, meaning that transactions are done individually according to the product being sold at the time. This lowers the chance of an exit scam taking place by the market.

Pyramid offers a mandatory escrow, so no FE is allowed in the market. Pyramid also offers high level of security with its 2FA system as well as a large range of products. The rating system is easy to understand and shows how many items each vendor has successfully sold.

Although there have been reports of issues with vendors not being able to list items, as well as buy orders being placed incorrectly, the development team has said they are actively trying to improve the site and eliminate bugs where possible.

It is easy to change the displayed currency values between USD, GBP, EUR, CAD and other major fiat currencies.

To become a vendor you need to provide information about yourself, and your products in your profile description. According to their terms posting your listings in the wrong section can result in a suspension of your account.

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How to access the Pyramid Market

The first essential step to accessing and using the Pyramid market is to download and install the TOR browser. TOR (The Onion Router) is a web browser that is focused on privacy, keeping the users identities secret from third parties such as governments, internet service providers or law enforcement. However it is important to note that for the best security practices it is advised that you also use a VPN service, this will increase your level of privacy.  If this is your first time using the deep web, you may want to check out this simple  Do’s and Don’ts list.

Then, the user needs to create a set of PGP (pretty good privacy) keys. This is needed in order to message other users/vendors in the market and to use the 2-factor authentication feature. If you use PGP and the marketplace is hacked or compromised by LE all your personal details such as name and address will have been encrypted, making it impossible for unwanted parties to identify you through this data.

To deposit or withdraw Bitcoin, it is advisable to always use a mixing/tumbling service which will mix your Bitcoin transaction into a larger pool of Bitcoin transactions, making it very difficult for an investigator to trace your Bitcoins to or from the Pyramid Market. Helix grams is a good mixer that will take a 1-3% fee to tumble Bitcoins, also offering the extra security option of delaying the transaction making it even harder to trace. Be careful to always check the URL of these services as there are fake mixers and phishing attempts all over the deepweb.

Finally, to add an extra layer of security you can always buy and sell your Bitcoins on a peer-to-peer exchange that doesn’t require the user to provide proof of ID or residency. Buying with cash eliminates any trace of the purchase that could be found in other payment methods.

Creating an account

Creating an account on the Pyramid Market is quite straightforward.The Marketplace URL link will take you to a login page, from there click the “register now” link. You need to input a username, password and pin. You should not use any usernames or passwords that are similar to any details you might use IRL or on the clearweb.

After solving the captcha you will be taken to the homepage with a message displaying your mnemonic seed. This must be stored safely right away as it is the only way to log back in if you forget your password.

Interface and Functions

The Pyramid Market has a simple interface, it displays the product categories on the left-hand side. Product listings are displayed on the middle of the page in a table form. Each item listed has a photo, price, description and vendor name. In the top right of the site, users can follow links to messages, settings, order history, becoming a vendor and a credit card shop. In the top left 7 major currencies are displayed which allows users to change what price the products are displayed in making it much easier to understand and compare prices that are in USD not BTC.

Then, the settings menu allows you to change your login and account information, activate 2-fa, changed profile details, and to set a PGP key..


Although Pyramid is a relatively new market, there is a good selection of categories and products. As of August 1st, 2017 Pyramid Market lists almost 900 items with more than half of these in the Drugs section of which Cannabis is the largest contributor.

The categories on the Open Road market are as follow:

  • Drugs (427)
  • Fraud (123)
  • Services (61)
  • Guides (136)
  • Software (80)
  • Electronics (4)
  • Counterfeits (14)
  • Weapon (13)
  • Other (39)

Each category has subcategories that are shown once you hover your mouse above its main category. The most popular one is, as usual, “drugs”. This category has the expected sub categories of cannabis, psychedelics, stimulants and so forth.

Services include Id and Password accounts as well as premium account details for porn and TV. On the fraud items, we have accounts, cards, and CCV, data dumps and documents. Guides & Tutorials has guides on fraud, drugs, and hacking.

Search Functions and Filters

The Pyramid search tool is simple and effective. The search tool can be seen on the right side of the Pyramid logo. On the index, users can search for any word(s) that remits to the item they are looking for and once they enter the search results, they can extend the parameters to filter by category, shipment origin and destinations, and minimum/maximum price. The search results can also be ordered by price, listing date and popularity.

How to Choose the Right Vendor

Choosing a vendor is very important as it will keep you from getting scammed by dishonest sellers. Although it’s still a possibility, vetting your items and sellers carefully will save you a lot of coins in the long run.

Once you find the item you’re looking for, you can click the vendor’s name which can be found below the shipment options. Once you click the name, you’ll be taken to the seller’s profile where you will be able to quickly assess the vendor.

You will first see the feedback score of the user which details the number of positive, neutral and negative ratings. Below the ratings, you’ll see the total number of orders completed by the seller. Then you can see how long he has been in the market and when he last logged in, which tells you how active the seller is. Then, you can see the detailed feedback left by buyers.

Then, you can see various links to the user PGP, Return Policy page, Feedback, Store and Contact. By scrolling down, you will se the vendor’s description. Make sure to read both the return policy and the about page to ensure that transactions go smoothly and that you understand what you are buying.

How to buy

When you found the item you’re looking for, click on its title to go to the detailed item page. Below the image you’ll see three links which allow you to see the description, feedback, and return policy. Make sure to visit the three. On the right side of the image, you’ll see the price and be able to choose the amount/number you want to buy and the postage method. After choosing the details, click “Buy it”

You’ll be taken to a page that explains how the purchase works and the escrow details. Make sure you read all the details to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. Below, you’ll see the transaction details, where you’ll be able to leave a message for the seller. In this field, add your address details in case this is a physical item. You’ll also need to confirm your 4-digit pin.

After, you’ll be taken to a page where you can make the payment. Remember to add a refund address before making a purchase.


The Pyramid Forum is currently under development and is expected to be released early August. In the meantime, users can refer to the Reddit board.



Support & Help

The FAQ/Guide and Support pages can be found on the bottom of the page. The FAQ/Guide page isn’t complete yet and links to the home page.

The support page features a contact form that allows you to speak with the forum moderators directly. Remember to provide technical details about the question you are going to ask.

Pros and Cons of the Pyramid Market


  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Organized
  • No balances
  • Decent search tool


  • Few items
  • No multi signature
  • New Market

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