RsClub Market Review

RsClub Market is a multisig (formerly just escrow) market and autoshop. It specializes in fraud related items and digital goods, but also sells a wide variety of drugs and other items. Like some of the major markets, it has such features as seller and trust levels, and a feedback system.

RsClub Market Onion URL:

  • Marketplace url:
    Marketplace Forum Url:

    Shutting down – “Hacked”

NOTE: Please make sure to only use the above links when trying to access this market; there have been many phishing attempts as of late.


  • Large listings of drugs and digital goods
  • Changing to a seller account costs 70 USD (0.03 BTC at present)
  • Offers an autoshop

How to Access RsClub Market

TOR browser, dark web, deep web

As with most of the other major darknet markets, RsClub Market has a .onion URL, meaning that you need the Tor Browser to access it.

The Tor Browser is a fork of Mozilla Firefox, optimized for anonymity and privacy. It helps to disguise your identity when shopping on darknet markets by directing your web traffic through a worldwide system of relays, known as the Tor network. Please see our guide, entitled How to Access .Onion Sites / Tor Sites for further instructions.

In addition to Tor, however, you will need these things:

  • PGP
  • Bitcoins
  • Bitcoin mixers (tumblers)

PGP stands for “Pretty Good Privacy,” and is an encryption/decryption program. You can, and should, use PGP to encrypt messages that you send to other users on RsClub Market. We also have a tutorial with further details, called PGP Tutorial for Newbies.

Bitcoins are the form of currency that is used on this market. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can be used to send payments to people anywhere in the world. It is used on most (if not all) darknet markets.

When using bitcoin on such markets, we also recommend using a bitcoin mixer (a.k.a. a tumbler). Mixers are used to “clean” your coins when purchasing items on darknet markets. We also have reviews of several of these on our site, which you should read for more information: Mixers Reviews.

Besides these essentials, some people like to use a VPN in addition to Tor, or a Linux distribution (e.g. Tails or Qubes), for privacy and anonymity. However, using a VPN can sometimes hurt your privacy rather than help it, so if you insist on using one, please research the matter before you make this choice. As far as Linux distros go, Tails is a popular choice in terms of privacy.

If you use a VPN at all, it’s best to choose one with a no-log policy that’s optimized to work with Tor.

Account Registration

Registering for an account is fairly simple. First, visit the registration link (listed above). Once there, you need to fill out some basic information. The registration form lists these fields:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Secure PIN
  • Login Phrase
  • Jabber
  • ICQ
  • Email
  • URL of Your Site
  • Signature Text
  • PGP Public Key
  • Captcha Code

This registration form is somewhat long compared to those of other markets, given that it has the option of including usernames on such services as Jabber and ICQ, etc. Nonetheless, despite its length, the only fields you are required to fill out are the username, passwords, and PIN.

For a username, make sure it’s one that you don’t use on websites on the clearnet, or one that could be tied to your identity. The one exception is if you are a vendor on other markets, and want to sell goods on RsClub Market. In that case, use the same identity (so buyers will recognize you)!

As far as passwords go, also make sure that it’s one you don’t use on other websites, and that it’s one not easily guessed; a fair number of market users have had their account details stolen in recent months due to phishing and other techniques.

Your PIN must be a six-digit number. Your login phrase, while it is not required, is a good idea to use, because it can help verify whether you are on the real RsClub site or a phishing site (somewhat like a sitekey on your banking site). Like your password, make sure that your login phrase is not something another person would guess easily.

After you first fill out all of this information, a mnemonic will be flashed onscreen, i.e. a set of randomly generated words that you can use to recover your password in case you lose it. It will consist of eight words that look something like this:

homeless rattle approximation muscleman land bug good ambitious [note: this is not a real one.]


After you finish registering, you should see a message in green text (as above) that says “You have been successfully Registered, Aww yeah! [sic]” When you first log into your account, your login phrase will appear at the top of the screen to let you know that you’re on the real site.

The rest of the information is optional, and if you’re concerned about being anonymous, then we don’t recommend filling it out.

It’s important to note – you must register for the market and the forum separately, which could be confusing. If you attempt to log into the forum using your account details for the market, then they will not work.

New accounts will be buyer accounts by default. In order to upgrade to a vendor account, you need to apply for it.

RsClub Market Interface and Functions

This site has a very simple and easy-to-learn interface, which is an advantage for any market. When you first log in, you’ll see a welcome message that says something like, “Welcome back CardMaster [or insert username here]” – as in the picture above.

On the left sidebar are all of the major product categories (which we will explain further below). Links to important pages are displayed on the top menu: “Home,” “Forum,” “Become a Seller,” “Messages Inbox,” “Orders,” “Bitcoin,” “My Club,” and “Logout.”

Most of these are self-explanatory, but the Messages Inbox consists of several different menus as well. There are a list of your “Conversations,” which are somewhat like the email conversations in Gmail or other such services. There is also a tab called “Trash Messages,” which contains any messages you have deleted. Thirdly, there is “Send New Message,” which is where you can compose messages.

If you hover over the “My Club” link, you’ll see a dropdown menu with links to your profile and several other options related to your account: “Listings,” “Deposit and Withdrawal,” “My Feedback,” “My Favourites,” and “My Referral System.”

Below this are two links to the autoshop (i.e. where you can buy carded credit card accounts with an easy-to-navigate menu).

We should note that we tried both the desktop and mobile versions of the site, and found the mobile site harder to navigate than its desktop counterpart. This was due to the fact that sections of the site were arranged in columns, rather than in a grid layout (as on the desktop site). Really, this is a minor critique, but it could frustrate mobile users.

Categories and Listings

While not as large as some of the other major markets, like Dream Market and Hansa Market, RsClub does have a fair amount of listings. In fact, it has grown since some other recent reviews have appeared.

Note: The numbers of listings are accurate to the time this review was written, but are likely to change at any given moment. Its category tree consists of the following:

  • Fraud Related (290)
    • Accounts & Bank Drops (166)
    • CVV & Cards (70)
    • Dumps & Tracks (14)
    • Personal Information & Scams (33)
    • Other (50)
  • Drugs General (496)
    • Cannabis and Hashish (186)
    • Stimulants (56)
    • Ecstasy (37)
    • Opioids (62)
    • Benzos (50)
    • Psychedelics (26)
    • Prescription (33)
    • Mushrooms (0)
    • Steroids (1)
    • Dissociatives (3)
    • Paraphernalia (2)
    • Tobacco (0)
    • Weight Loss (2)
    • Lab Supplies (6)
    • Other (10)
  • Guides and Tutorials (207)
    • Drugs (14)
    • Fraud (111)
    • Hacking (37)
    • Other (43)
  • Counterfeit Items (47)
    • Clothing (4)
    • Jewelry (0)
    • Money (24)
    • Other (5)
  • Digital Products (123)
    • Fraud Software (30)
    • Game Keys (1)
    • Legit Software (33)
    • Other (52)
  • Jewels and Gold (1)
    • Gold (1)
    • Silver (0)
    • Other (0)
  • Weapons (27)
    • Ammunition (5)
    • Pistols (22)
    • Explosives (0)
    • Other (0)
  • Carded Items (8)
    • Clothing (0)
    • Electronics (6)
    • Digital (1)
    • Other (1)
  • Services (29)
    • Social Engineering (1)
    • Carding (3)
    • Hacking (11)
    • Cracking (1)
    • Other (13)
  • Software & Malware (43)
    • Botnets and Malware (13)
    • RAT & Trojans (5)
    • Exploit Kits (4)
    • Security Software (7)
    • Other (14)
  • Security & Hosting (20)
    • Other (2)
    • Hosting and Domains (1)
    • VPN (5)
    • SOCKS (2)
    • Proxy (1)
    • Bulletproof and Services (0)
  • Other Listings (25)

While it may appear that the market sells just about anything, there are a few prohibited categories of items:

  • Child pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Defamation
  • Items that threaten personal safety
  • Weapons of mass destruction
  • Murder-for-hire services

Although it has a fair amount of drugs, RsClub Market specializes in digital goods, which would explain why its “Fraud Related,” “Digital Products,” and “Guides and Tutorials” categories have many listings. In fact, if these are the types of items you’re shopping for, we would recommend this market over others which specialize in drugs, though their “Drugs” category has a reasonable amount of items as well.

As far as the actual listings go, these have a simple format which makes it easy on the buyer:

We will discuss this a bit further below, in the section entitled “Ordering Guide.”

RsClub Autoshop

One feature that differentiates this market from some others is its autoshop, which is a simplified method of buying credit cards and accounts (carded ones, that is). To find this page, click on your account menu in the upper-rightmost corner of the screen. There you will find two menu options that point to two different autoshops within RsClub Market: “Our Autoshop,” and “Cpanel Autoshop.”

To purchase goods from either autoshop, there is a search function at the top of the page, in which you can select your card of choice. You can also use the following filters to narrow down the selection of cards or accounts:

  • BIN
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Seller
  • Price From
  • Price To
  • Vendor (e.g. Visa, AMEX)
  • Type (e.g. Debit, Credit)
  • Level (e.g. Standard, Classic, Gold, Platinum)
  • Bank (e.g. JPMorgan Chase, American Express)
  • DOB
  • SSN
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Below this are a number of cards listed by vendor (as you would see them on a standard market listings page), and if you use any of the above filters, this will reduce the selection to your preference – as there are hundreds of choices at the start.

The various tabs on the autoshop menu help you to make and keep track of your purchases: “Buy Cards Credit,” “Cards Credit Purchased,” “Buy Accounts,” and “Accounts Purchased.” The “Credit Cards Purchased” and “Accounts Purchased” tabs will list any purchases that you have already made in the autoshop.

While other markets sell credit cards as well, the autoshop makes it quick and convenient to purchase such items, as opposed to having to find a specific vendor who sells such things on another market. If you are unsure as to whether a vendor in the autoshop is reliable, view their profile or ask around on the official forum.

RsClub Market Search and Search Filters

Like most darknet markets, RsClub has a search function, which is located on the left sidebar below the category list, as shown:

Search results, however, are based on the titles and descriptions of the listings, as opposed to the category. For example, if you were to type in “drugs,” this would return far fewer results than typing in the name of a specific drug in the listings, like “kush” or “MDMA.” The search function seems to have improved a bit recently, but it still needs some tweaking; it helps to know a very precise item that you’re searching for, as opposed to a general category.

As you can see in the screenshot, you can use such search filters as “Product Class,” “Payment Types,” price range, and “Origin Country” to sort the results. Because this site is starting to grow and more items are up for sale, it would be of the utmost importance that they improve their search function, especially for new customers.

How to Choose a Vendor 


Though its search function may still need some adjustments, RsClub is redeemed by its vendor profiles (called User Profiles in this case), which are very detailed. Note: both buyer and vendor profiles are referred to as “user profiles.”

Each user profile presents such information as: seller level, trust level, trust level, verification status, amount of positive feedback, number of completed sales, date of membership (i.e. account registration), date last logged in, number of orders, number of disputes, user type (seller or buyer), and whether or not the vendor accepts finalize early (FE).

In addition, you can view the vendor’s PGP public key to verify her identity.

Feedback ratings are listed below the main profile information. They are color-coded, with positive being green, negative being red, and neutral being gray. As a general rule, you should select vendors with the highest number of sale transactions, but the lowest number of disputes (preferably 0). This would designate that the vendor has plenty of experience doing transactions, but has had little to no complaints from buyers. In addition, you should pay attention to the date when the vendor was last active. If a vendor has not been active on the site for some time, it’s unlikely that they will respond to any questions or complaints you may have.

You should also look at the vendor feedback with a critical eye, as feedback can be faked. If there are tons of reviews posted on the same date, or at regular intervals, this is a red flag. Usually it means that someone was paid to give positive reviews, or that they have been feigned in some other way.

Furthermore, you should also register for the forum and use it to gain insight about the vendors that you may not be able to glean just from their profiles (such as whether they have scammed anyone, or if their products are low-quality).

Adding and Withdrawing Funds on RsClub Market

RsClub Market, like its darknet market competitors, maintains a deposit system in order to buy goods. You must deposit the bitcoin into the address displayed on the Deposit and Withdrawal page, which is located on the My Club hover menu. A minimum deposit of at least 0.005 BTC is required; if you send less than this amount, it will not be credited to your account. Three confirmations are necessary for the deposit to be verified, after which it will show up in your site account.

Each time you make a deposit, your wallet address will change (as a security measure); therefore, don’t forget to go back to your wallet page when you make another deposit, so you can check the address again.

If you want to make a withdrawal, the market makes this very simple. Go to your Deposit & Withdrawal page, and look for the section that says “Withdraw Funds.” Fill out your BTC address, the amount you want to withdraw, your PIN, and the CAPTCHA, and then the withdrawal should be complete.

Just remember: there is a 0.001 BTC fee charged for each withdrawal (not unlike an ATM). Also of note – you are only allowed a maximum of six incorrect PIN attempts, after which your account will be banned (which is an anti-scam measure). This should be good motivation to keep your PIN in a secure place, and remember it! In case you forget your PIN, there’s a yellow “Forgot Secure PIN?” button which you can click, so you can reset it.

Ordering Guide

Ordering goods on RsClub Market is very similar to the process on other darknet markets. Find the item you want to purchase, click the “Buy It Now” button, and then fill out the form that appears. The form should designate where the product will ship to, what kind of payment options are available (escrow, multisig, etc.), and the quantity of the item that’s available.

Also, if the vendor has a refund policy of any kind, this will be listed below the other details about the item. However, if you attempt to purchase an item without having the applicable amount of bitcoin in your account, you’ll see a red notice that says “Insufficient balance. You need to have balance in your account. Please deposit funds.” You will then be redirected to the “Deposit Funds” page to fix the issue.

RsClub Market Support

If you have any questions about or problems with the market, just go to the Support page and fill out the form. Under the “Category” field, there are several pre-designated subjects (e.g. “Log In & Sign Up Problems”) which occur frequently. If these do not fit your issue, then select “Other.” Fill out the message form and CAPTCHA code, and then hit the “Send/Ask Help” button. You should receive a response within a short time. In fact, we filled out a support ticket about a site issue, and the tech support responded within a reasonable amount of time.

If your question is not answered, then try asking on the forum, at http://rsclubzznck53v35.onion/index.php.

Pros and Cons


  • Straightforward, easy-to-use site with color-coded tags
  • Simple account interface with few difficulties
  • Security features that help prevent scams (e.g. allow/completely deny purchases, require PIN)


  • Search filter still needs improvement
  • Mobile site was much more difficult to use than desktop
  • Occasionally encountered “unable to connect” errors


Amount of Vendors
User Experience
Final Thoughts

RsClub Market, though it had humble beginnings, has come a long way since its inception. It has a reasonable number of vendors and products, as well as an easily learned layout and support system. Its search function, however, could still use some work. Its autoshop, on the other hand, is a very nice feature, which is an advantage over other markets.

Overall Score 4.3
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