SilkRoad 3 Market Review

Silk Road 3 is a market that has been online for a while now and that gives the sensation of a free-thought, open communication, and secure dark web market. The market has been upgraded in the last months and although it’s not very popular yet, it seems like a resilient market that is currently on the rise, although its name choice may put some potential users off due to past history. The market has the standard categories to browse through and has both FE and Escrow listings. It also allows for multi-signature escrow and PGP encryption. The funds are not stored directly into the market. Instead, you do payments to the addresses generated each time you buy a product, making exit scams highly improbable, although it is still possible given that the only funds the market controls are the ones in centralized escrow

Silk Road 3 URL



Creating an account

When you access the onion URL you will find a CAPTCHA security layer to prevent DDoS attacks and such. Fill in the code and press “Submit”. In the main landing page, go to Register tab and fill in the details. Use secure passwords (with all type of characters: ‘a’,’A’,3,$) and never use a user name that you use on the clear web.

Interface and functions

In the main page, you will find the tabs to navigate the site. It has a standard architecture and the labels are self-explanatory and you will find it intuitive. In the settings menu, you can check and configure some things such as a PGP/2-FA login, stealth mode, market rules & suggestions or even pay to become a vendor (0.1 BTC fee on the last one). The market gives various pieces of advice throughout the site.


In the League tab you will find a search engine to discover whatever you desire. In here, you will find all types of listings as well as the vendors associated. We advise you to search Escrow or multisig orders only, because if you allow FE (Finalize Early) you are obliged to send the money to the vendor before the product arrives and they have a chance to scam you/exit scam. Also, you can look directly to vendor’s pages and search for bulk sales or promotion listings. Here you have the categories and sub-categories available:

Currently, the markets has the following categories:

  • Cannabis (approx. 16670 listings)
  • Stimulants (approx. 5200 listings)
  • Ecstasy (approx. 5600 listings)
  • Opioids (approx. 4300 listings)
  • Benzos (approx. 2700 listings)
  • Dissociatives (approx. 1200 listings)
  • Psychedelic (approx. 2300 listings)
  • Prescription (approx. 4600 listings)
  • Other (+26000 listings)

SilkRoad 3 does not allow the following listings:

✖ No weapons, explosives or terrorism.
✖ No poisons.
✖ No illegal porn.
✖ No sales to or from Russia.
✖ No carding Russian citizens.

Search Functions and Filters

In the Home tab, you can only search by country which makes the process harder. You should search a bit on how to buy smart in the market. You can lower the probability of getting robbed by buying an Escrow product, filling in the correct details of your receiving address (which must be encrypted using PGP – there are also guides for that) and by selecting a vendor that has a good review score and a medium-high level. In vendors profiles, look at each one and read their policies. It is important to do so in order to avoid misunderstandings.

However, in the League and Rising tabs you can find the real searching tools. In the League tab vendors with 99.8%+ feedback and active in the last 3 days are shown with their listings, and in the Rising tab you can find vendors that are rising in reputation and were also active in the past 3 days.

In the League tab, if you go a bit down in the page, you wil find the searching tool. This is the best way to find the product you want.

How to Add Funds

In Silk Road 3, you don’t need to deposit money in the website. Instead, place the orders first and then the market will generate a bitcoin address so you can do the payment indivdually. Remember to always use a mixer and to buy from P2P exchanges like LocalBitcoins. Using different addresses for each purshase is also advised.

How to buy

When you are sure of what you want to acquire, go to the listing and press “Order”.

Now you are asked how much/many you want to buy, the shipping address (again, look for PGP encryption), some space to write a note for the vendor (optional) and the shipping option (which is the fee for transportation costs such as the envelope depending on your country of residence). Press “Place Order” and you will initiate the buying process. The website has a guide itself and it’s very simple to follow.

Basically, you just need to go to your wallet and pay the amount required to a certain bitcoin address. After a couple of confirmations, it will be confirmed and your product should be sent right away.

If you are in an escrow listing as advised, you are supposed to wait for the order to arrive to your address before concluding the order. If you do this, the vendor will only receive the money when you confirm you have received it. This acts as a security measure for you and an incentive to not exit scam for the vendor.


The forum is down for upgrades since 20th December 2016. You can find more information here.

Support & Help

Silk Road 3 comes with a Q&A tab which allows users to exchange information with each other, and also ask questions to the support and wait for their answer.

You also have the Support tab where you can report your order issues (which generate support tickets that you can also find here) and find staff important messages.

Also, in the News tab you can search for vendors’ advertising of their products.


  • Easy to reach help
  • Easy communication with the community


  • To sell in FE you need to upgrade (=pay) the vendor account
  • Somewhat unpopular by now

SilkRoad 3

Amount of Vendors
User Experience
Final Thoughts

The SilkRoad 3 market is highly intuitive and easy to use. It has a wide variety of sellers and products. However, the market is often unreliable as the forum and market itself are currently down.

Overall Score 4 Market Review
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