Valhalla (Silkkitie) Market Review

Valhalla (Silkkitie) Market Review


Formerly known as Silkkitie (Finnish for “Silk Road”) in 2013, Valhalla Market is one of the oldest and most successful darknet markets on Tor. It initially focused on a Finnish customer base, but after several years of operation, its owners rebranded it with the name it carries today, and it now serves users worldwide.

In its current incarnation, Valhalla supports traditional escrow, multisig, 2FA, and forced PGP methods of payment.

Valhalla has an “invite-only” registration system, which, according to the admin of the site, was introduced as a way of regulating Valhalla’s rapid expansion, as well as creating a community via a word-of-mouth type arrangement. The invite system also helps users receive “invite earnings” for referring new users.

Valhalla Market URL Address

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Things You Must Know About Valhalla Market

If this is your first time accessing Valhalla, or another market like it, it’s important to note: most of the items for sale are recreational drugs, such as MDMA (Ecstasy), cannabis, LSD, cocaine, etc. In other words, most, if not all, of the items are illegal in many countries.

Beyond that, in order to access Valhalla, you will need a special browser. In total, you will need the following tools to safely and easily use the site: the Tor Browser bundle, PGP for encrypting your messages, and bitcoin (BTC). It’s optional, though not necessary, to use a VPN as well.

  • The Tor Browser (or its mobile equivalent, such as Orfox)  is necessary to access the Valhalla site (as well as any other .onion sites). For more information about Tor, please see our tutorial How To Access .Onion Sites/Tor Sites.

TOR browser, dark web, deep web

  • A VPN (virtual private network) provides a secure encrypted tunnel when transmitting data over a public network, and is intended for improved security.
  • PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a method of encrypting and decrypting messages that you might send and receive on the marketplace, as well as a method of signing messages (to verify that someone is who they say they are).

A PGP public key.

  • Finally, bitcoin (BTC) is the digital currency that is required to anonymously spend any money on the site, or receive payment for any items that you decide to sell (should you choose to go that route).

Registering an Account

As mentioned in the intro, Valhalla is an invite-only marketplace. This means that you can’t simply go on the site and immediately register an account. If you do try to register without one, you’ll be given this message: “Invalid invite link! Try to find an invite from the forum.”

What they’re referring to are the official forums mentioned above (on The HUB and DNM Avengers).

On the registration page, you’ll be asked immediately whether you want to register as a buyer or a vendor. As compared to other markets, some may see this as a disadvantage; other markets allow you to simply sign up for an account, and then decide whether you want to be a buyer or seller.

In the case of Valhalla, if you initially register as a buyer, and then decide that you want to sell items, you’ll have to change your account to a vendor account. This is possible, but the area in which you do so is somewhat “hidden” under the Settings page (it’s at the very bottom right corner).

Nonetheless, the registration process isn’t all that difficult, and should take no more than 10 minutes at most. Remember, though – because of the nature of the site, as well as the fact that Tor accounts sometimes get stolen, it’s imperative that you pick a secure password; a good password should consist of at least 10 characters.

Valhalla Market User Interface

 After logging into your account, you’ll see the basic look of the site that will be consistent throughout. At the top of the page is a menu to help navigate:

At left, the site’s URL is displayed in large letters, in part to help verify that you’re not using a scam site. To its right are links reading: “All Products,” “My Purchases,” “Messages,” and “Account.”

The “All Products” link is essentially the same as going back to the homepage. The “My Purchases” section directs you to your message inbox. Strangely enough, the “Messages” section, while it has an Inbox and Outbox, does not have options for composing and sending messages (which seems like it would be essential for any email-like system).

valhalla message system

Valhalla’s messaging system.

In order to send a message, you have to go to the Support page (in the lower right-hand corner of the screen).

The “Account” link is primarily used for managing your bitcoins; however, within the Account page is a “Settings” tab. Under Settings, you can add your PGP public key; set your language (English, Finnish, or Latvian); set your currency; turn on two-factor authentication (2FA); change your account password; or change your payment password.

In addition, you’ll have the options to change your account to a “Seller” account (i.e. a vendor account). One of the problems with this option is that once you change it to a seller account, the account cannot be changed back unless you contact Support, so be sure that you want to do so.

If you want to create a separate “payment password” for your account, you can do this here as well. It’s probably a good idea to do so, just for security reasons.

There’s also a link to your “Invite Earnings” page. Valhalla features a referral program for sending new users to the site, in which you earn commissions for each referral (the commission consists of 10% of the earnings from buyers and vendors).

Finally, there is the option to “Close my account and delete all data,” if you don’t want to use the market anymore, or more importantly, if you feel that your security has been compromised in some way. (Think of it as saying, “This account will self-destruct in five seconds.”)

On the whole, Valhalla has a simple and intuitive interface. Thankfully, you don’t have to enable JavaScript for the site to function (which is not the case for every market). Some pages on the site, however, don’t consistently load, though they seem to work more often than not.

Categories and Listings

Valhalla, as opposed to some of its competitors, overwhelmingly deals in drugs. As far as product categories go, there are only two main ones: Drugs and Other Products.

Under Drugs, however, there are quite a wide variety of items (13039 in total at the time of this writing), even compared to other darknet markets:


The Drugs category contains 8 subcategories: Cannabis, Stimulants, Empathogens, Psychedelics, Opiates, Pharmacy, Dissociatives, and Depressants. (Note: the numbers listed next to each category are accurate at the time of this writing, but will obviously change as items are bought and sold.)

  • Cannabis (3988): Weed, Hash, Edibles, Concentrates, Leaf, Synthetics.
  • Stimulants (2486): Amphetamine, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, A-PVP, Cathinones, Snuff, Crack, MDPV, Nicotine, Coffeine [sic], 2-FMA/4-FA (i.e. 2-fluromethamphetamine/4-fluroamphetamine), and phenidates.
  • Empathogens (2316): Ecstasy, MDMA (a.k.a. “Molly”), MDA / MDAI, and Methylone.
  • Psychedelics (1003): LSD, DMT/AMT, Mushrooms, 25x-NBOMe, Ayahuasca, Mescaline, 2C-x, 2C-T-x, 5-MeO-DiPT, 5-MeO-DiPT (a.k.a. “Foxy”), Bromo-Dragonfly, LSA-LSZ, AL-LAD, Ibogaine, and DOx.
  • Opiates (1087): Heroin, Buprenorphine, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Tramadol, Codeine, Morphine, Opium, and Metadon.
  • Pharmacy: (1629): Benzos (i.e. Benzodiazepines), Erectile Dysfunction, Sleep, ADHD, Pain, Sedatives, Muscle Relaxants, MAOIs, and Nootropics.
  • Dissociatives (265): Ketamine, Salvia, MXE/MXP, and Nitrous Oxide.
  • Depressants (48): GHB / GBL.

Oddly enough, the amount of items in the “Other products” category is nearly equal with the drugs category. At the time of this writing, the latter category has 13800 items, and is made up of these categories:

  • Body Building (487): Anabolic steroids, Testosterone, Growth hormones, Other Injectables, and Oral.
  • Cannabis Growing (229): Seeds, Cuttings, Lights, Fans, Tents.
  • Mushroom Growing (26): Spores, Mycelium, and Equipment.
  • Product distribution (30: Scales, Packing Materials, Lab Equipment, Precursors.
  • Paraphernalia (30): Pipes, E-Cigarettes, Needles
  • Self-defence (188): Knives, Guns and Ammo, Explosives, Sprays, and Tazers.
  • Digital Items (10253): Guides and Tutorials, Ebooks, Credit Card data, Identity data, Erotica, and Other Digital.
  • Services (2064): Money, Lotteries, n/a, Hacking, Trafficking, Special Shipping, Fake IDs, and Forged Documents.
  • Classifieds (424): Replicas of luxury watches and jewelry.

As you can see, Valhalla largely deals in drugs, but there are a reasonable number of other items – although the body building category consists mostly of drugs too. We were pleased with Valhalla’s large selection, overall.

Like many of its darknet market peers, Valhalla does forbid certain types of items: child pornography, explosives, and services associated with physical harm (e.g. assassinations). This is a positive, in our opinion.

One complaint that we have, however, is that some of the listings are inaccurate. The “Caffeine” category (misspelled as “Coffeine”), says that it has four items for sale in the sidebar, but when you click on it, there are no items listed. This was also true of the 4-MePPP category, which says “6” on the sidebar, but has no items listed if you select it.


The “Caffeine” category on Valhalla Market.

The “4Me-PPP” category on Valhalla Market

This is likely a backend coding error of some sort, perhaps in the PHP or MySQL, although we didn’t investigate this far.

Valhalla Search Filters

Valhalla does not dedicate a specific page to search filtering. What it does have, however, are a number of options to sort and/or refine your search results.

You can filter your results by: 1. location or country; 2. recommendation; 3. payment method; and 4. top vendors or all vendors. It is best to do a search first before filtering the results. While you can apply a filter without searching first, the filter will affect all items on the site, so you’ll get a very long result list. For example, in the screenshot below, the results are filtered by “Most Popular”:

If you want to filter results by country and wish to select the “Domestic Only” option, you first have to set your country in the Settings page (under your Account page).

You can also sort listings according to what the site recommends for you. First, select the item category you want, and then click the first menu on the left, above the items for sale. After that, click “Recommended.” Under that menu, you have the choice of listing items by “Most popular,” “Newly listed,” or “Lowest price.”

Beyond that, you can also list items by payment method, of which there are three (which we will discuss in the next section). Last but not least, you can show results from all vendors, or just the top vendors only (on the third menu to the right).

Methods of Payment: Valhalla accepts four payment methods: Escrow/Multisig/FE, Escrow/Multisig, Multisig Only, and Auctions Only.

If you’re new to all of this, an escrow payment means that the funds sent by the buyer (you) are held by a third party, and only  transferred to the vendor when the sale is completed. Multisig, also known as P2SH (Pay To Script Hash), means that the bitcoin transaction requires multiple signatures to be authorized (hence the term “multisig”). Valhalla, on their support page, has a more detailed explanation of how multisig transactions work.

Not all vendors use multisig, however, so you have a choice if you’d rather use a different payment option. FE stands for Finalize Early. This means that the vendor can ask that the transaction be completed early, or that the bitcoins held in escrow be released early (i.e. they would receive the payment even if the transaction hasn’t yet been completed).

As a buyer, in order to avoid fraud or theft, it’s best to use the Escrow/Multisig option, even though it may seem to take a little longer.

The Auctions Only method works very similarly to an auction on a site like eBay. Certain products are put up for auction for a limited time, at a starting price, and the users bid against one another for the product. Whoever has the highest bid at closing time wins.

At the time of this review, there were only two items up for auction; one is the hash pictured below (vendor name removed):


As far as multisig goes, Valhalla claims that they make the process simple. While we are not criticizing their statement, multisig is never all that “simple.” It’s a process that takes getting used to, which you’ll get the hang of over time.


How to Choose a Vendor on Valhalla

As on most other darknet markets, Valhalla features profiles of each of its vendors to give a small amount of information on each one. Many of the profiles are short on specific details, and yet they appear to be “long” because of the layout.

A standard vendor profile looks like this:

While Valhalla does not have vendor ratings like some other markets, there are numbers shown for positive feedback (green) and negative feedback (red). The feedback numbers appear next to the vendors’ products that are for sale as well.

Besides the feedback numbers, you can see a vendor’s total revenue figures, which may give some idea as the quality of the vendor. In theory, higher revenue figures would indicate a better vendor, whereas lower figures would indicate a worse vendor. That being said, some vendors may pay under the table to receive higher feedback numbers or reviews, so  these figures aren’t always reliable.

One way that you can inquire about the quality of certain products is to join the Valhalla forums and ask around. Generally, people will be brutally honest if they’ve had a bad experience.  In truth, however, the only way to know for yourself if a vendor’s products are high quality is to try them yourself.

How to Add Funds

The price listings on Valhalla Market appear in the currency that you designate. You can switch between currencies by scrolling to the bottom of the listings page and clicking (or tapping) on the different currencies listed (at left).

Change currency

Default currency listing is euros.

By default, the currencies listed are euros (EUR), US dollars (USD), British pounds (BGP), Norwegian krone (NOK), and bitcoin (BTC). If you click on “more currencies,” you’ll be taken to your Settings page, which will be showing the Currency menu.

In addition to the currencies already listed, you can choose between Canadian Dollars (CAD), Australian Dollars (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY), China Yuan Renminbi (CNY), Russia Ruble (RUB), Swedish Krona (SEK), Danish Krone (DKK), and Iceland Krona (ISK).

currency options

The Currency options in Settings.

Valhalla suggests the bitcoin exchanges Bitstamp,, or Localbitcoins for adding bitcoins.

Adding money to your account is simple: under your Account page, go to the Wallet page, and find your deposit wallet address (it’s listed at the top of the page). You can also display it as a QR code.

Valhalla’s deposit system is very similar to other darknet markets. You’ll have a wallet address that’s generated exclusively for this marketplace. Each time you make a deposit, that wallet address will change (as a security measure). Thus, you should send your bitcoins to the wallet address displayed on your account page. Supposedly, according to the Support page, all previous wallet addresses remain functional, even after the wallet address changes (although our advice is to use the newest one).

Valhalla Marketplace Ordering Guide

Any time you click on a listing on the marketplace, it will take you to the “order” page, which is fairly straightforward. The item’s price is listed below the title, as well as how much of the item is left in stock, the vendor’s name, and the countries that they will ship to.

You enter the quantity of the item you want, and then click the “Buy” button. Afterwards, you will be asked for the address you want to ship the item to. In case you’re concerned about entering your address, it will be encrypted, so that shouldn’t worry you. You just need to be reassured that the vendor will be able to mask the nature of the package being sent.

ketama gold top hash

To ensure that your shipping address won’t be discovered, you can use the vendor’s public PGP key to encrypt it before you send it to the vendor. The vendor will have to do two decryptions to be able to read your address in plaintext.

Notes for Vendors

If you wish to have a vendor account on Valhalla, you need to express this on your account registration when you first sign up. If you have a buyer account, you can easily change it to a vendor account on your Settings page (as mentioned in the “Registration” section).

One disadvantage of this, however, is that if you register as a buyer, and then change your account to a vendor account, you cannot change it back without contacting support. Therefore, it is advised that you have two separate buyer and vendor accounts.

If you do decide to become a vendor, PGP encryption is imperative. Furthermore, you will have to pay a 1 BTC deposit (somewhat like a security deposit on an apartment). This deposit will be returned to you after a minimum of two months, and after you have made 20 successful sales equal to a value of more than 1000 EUR.

Just to reiterate, you do not have to sell recreational drugs as your product, but these are the most popular types of products on Valhalla, and may result in the most sales.


Valhalla has a useful support page that provides help on how to use the site. In addition, you can send a message to the support team through their messaging system by clicking on the “Send message to support” button  shown on the page.

If you still need further help, Valhalla’s admin can be contacted at this link: Valhalla: kapteeni.

To talk to other Valhalla users, you can try reaching them at these forum links: http://thehub7gqe43miyc.onion/index.php?board=37.0 on The HUB, or http://dnmavengeradt4vo.onion/index.php?topic=809.0 on DNM Avengers. These forums are not all that active, unfortunately, so communication may be spotty at best.

Pros and Cons


  • Requirement for PGP and has the option to use 2FA
  • Large selection of recreational drugs
  • Referral program earnings (Personal Invite Link)
  • Prices can be shown in different currencies
  • Offers both multisig and traditional escrow


  • Pages sometimes load slowly or are down
  • Listings are sometimes inaccurate (products will be listed as in stock, but none available)
  • Most listings are for recreational drugs (lacks variety)
  • If you change your account to a Vendor account, you cannot easily change it back.
  • The space in the Vendor profiles is not used efficiently and can be hard to read.


Amount of Vendors
Final Thoughts

Valhalla (Silkkitie) is a great market overall, in terms of its selection of items, prices and vendors. It also offers multisig, FE, and escrow payments. There were, however, some issues with the user experience, such as site glitches, or the inability to easily send messages, that cost it some points. Still, it's positive overall.

Overall Score 4.7
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