Wall Street Market Review

Wall Street Market is a somewhat newer darknet market hosted on the Tor network, with what is debatably one of the best-looking interfaces. It is a multisig marketplace which allows PGP login as a security feature, and specializes in digital goods.

As its creators explain, the idea behind Wall Street Market was to offer a secure and fast place for buying and selling goods, while also featuring an alluring GUI for its users.

Some of its advantages include an award system for its most prolific vendors, a transparent user rating system, and a handy EXIF remover for images that have been uploaded.

How to Access Wall Street Market

TOR browser, dark web, deep web

As Wall Street Market’s .onion URL indicates, it is not your average “.com” site, like you would find on the clearnet. Wall Street Market is hosted on the Tor network (which many refer to as the “dark web” or “darknet”). Therefore, it must be accessed using a browser called the Tor browser. See our tutorial How To Access .Onion Sites/Tor Sites for more details.

Even if you’ve never used Tor before, it doesn’t take long to learn. It’s a modified version of the standard Firefox browser, which is armored for anonymity and privacy.

You will also need several other things:

Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a digital currency (referred to as a cryptocurrency) that is used for buying and selling goods on Wall Street Market. It is also used on most other darknet markets.

Credit: Dennis 2014 Wikimedia Commons

PGP: PGP is an acronym for “Pretty Good Privacy,” and is a method of encrypting and decrypting messages. See our article PGP Tutorial for Newbies for more information.


VPN: VPN is an acronym for “virtual private network”; it is a method of creating a secure connection over an unsecured network. Using a VPN with Tor is optional, as some VPN services are unsafe; do your research before signing up with one.


Credit: Ludovic ferre Copyright: 2010 Wikimedia Commons


Registering an Account

wall st register

The registration page on Wall Street Market.

Registering an account on Wall Street Market is fairly simple; you merely have to enter a username and password (between 6 and 32 characters), and then confirm it by entering a CAPTCHA. As opposed to some of the other darknet markets, the CAPTCHAs here are very easy to read.

Once you’ve registered an account, you can obviously log in. The login screen looks exactly like this:


The login screen on Wall Street.

An interesting feature of the login screen is its “advanced” function, which allows you to select three other options: session time,  language, and thumbnail quality:


The “advanced” login on Wall St.

The “session time” option limits how long you will be active on the site before you are automatically logged out. The “language” option, obviously, lets you choose what language the listings and options will use (the only options are “English” and “Deustch”). The “thumbnail quality” option lets you choose between “no thumbnails,” “bad quality,” and “good quality.”

Personally, we chose “good quality,” but sometimes this caused the site to load a bit more slowly.

Wall St. Market Interface and Functions

While Wall St. Market may not be the most entertaining site to browse, that isn’t the important part. It’s very intuitive, easy to use, and responsive.

Its simplicity is one of its best aspects, and is something that should appeal to new buyers. We did not come across any bugs or errors while browsing the site, although it did give us this notification: “The bitcoin network is currently under heavy load. Transactions may need longer to confirm. Increase the fee of your transactions or be patient, please.”

On the top of the page, you’ll see a menu that shows the following functions:

Home: brings you back to the homepage.

User-CP: The user control panel where you can change the various settings of the site. (No, it has nothing to do with that kind of CP.)

Support: For questions or technical concerns about the site.

Buyerrally: Community events (i.e. contests) that will be launched by Wall Street Market at irregular intervals.

Log Out: Self-explanatory.

Wall Street Market, as a security measure, has a relatively short timeout (which you can change under the “advanced options” before you log in). So, in order to avoid this, keep your window active while browsing the site.

Categories and Listings

wall st market featured

The featured listings on Wall Street Market.


At present, Wall Street Market doesn’t have very many listings available, although it has improved since some other recent reviews that have been published.  At the time of this writing, there are a total of 565 listings:

  • Drugs (284):
    • Cannabis (103)
    • MDMA (18)
    • Benzos (6)
    • Ecstasy (22)
    • Opiates (16)
    • Steroids (0)
    • Stimulants (68)
    • Pharmaceuticals (27)
    • Psychedelics (21)
    • Utensils [e.g. pipes, needles] (0)
    • Dissociatives (3)
  • Counterfeits (16):
    • Clothing (0)
    • Electronics (0)
    • Jewelry (1)
    • Cash (7)
    • ID’s (7)
    • Other (1)
  • Jewelry and Gold (0)
  • Carding Ware (2):
    • Clothing (1)
    • Electronics (0)
    • Smartphones / Tablets (0)
    • Other (1)
  • Services (5)
    • Social Engineering (0)
    • Carding (2)
    • Coding & Graphics (0)
    • Other (3)
  • Software & Malware (15)
    • Botnets & Malware (0)
    • Exploits (1)
    • Kits (2)
    • Security Software (8)
    • Other (4)
  • Security and Hosting (4)
    • Hosting (0)
    • VPN (2)
    • SOCKS (0)
    • Other (2)
  • Fraud (92)
    • Accounts (54)
    • Credit Cards (14)
    • Scans & Documents (2)
    • Dumps (3)
    • Other (19)
  • Digital Goods (74)
    • Software (7)
    • E-books (35)
    • Gamekeys (4)
    • Other (28)
  • Guides and Tutorials (73)
    • Fraud (36)
    • Drugs (9)
    • Security & Anonymity (8)
    • Hacking (12)
    • Other (17)

At present, as you can see, there are only minimal goods offered in each category, though the Drugs category has the most, and this is changing as more vendors join (or as goods are bought and sold, obviously).

Some of Wall Street Market’s goods are listed in a grid view format (using boxes), while others are listed in rows. The grid view listings include images, descriptions, prices, vendor names, where the product ships to and from, and payment method (auto-accept, multisig, or escrow).

Overall, using Wall Street Market is a positive experience so far. Pages tend to load very quickly, and the interface seems especially instinctual. On the other hand, it’s hard to determine whether the fast loading times are related to the fact that there are few listings, or that the site is just fast in general. After all, if there comes a time when Wall Street Market ends up having thousands of products for sale, this may slow down the site to the “dialup-like” speeds Tor users are accustomed to.

Obviously, you cannot peruse the market’s goods unless you have an account and log in. Nevertheless, as stated above, the registration process is very simple, so that’s a minor hurdle to overcome.

Search and Listing Filters

Like most of the darknet markets currently in operation, Wall Street Market has a search filter option, which can make finding the item you want to buy much easier. Here’s the catch: this search function only takes into account the titles of the listings, as well as their descriptions.

For example, if you were to search for “digital goods,” no results would be returned, as none of the listings use the words “digital goods” in their titles or descriptions. In essence, it helps to be very specific when doing your search.

So, instead of searching for a general term like “drugs,” type in “kush.” That, at the time of this writing, returns 11 results.

In addition to the general search function, Wall Street also offers several search filters. You can:

  • limit the number of results per page
  • choose a minimum vendor rating
  • select where products are shipped from
  • select where products are shipped to
  • filter vendor activity (online within last 7 days, 3 days, or 24 hours)
  • select payment details (multisig, escrow, or first)

How to Choose a Vendor


A vendor profile (name censored) on Wall Street Market.

Not unlike other darknet markets, Wall Street Market has vendor profiles that give details about each specific seller. If you visit each vendor profile, you can get a clear idea of her activity (as shown in the “Buyer-statistics” and “Vendor-statistics” areas).

Be sure to take a look at the comments located at the bottom of each profile, as they can give some indication as to whether or not a vendor is reliable. Notwithstanding, do not rely solely on the vendor’s ratings or comments, as some vendors will pay others to receive positive ratings and/or comments.

Wall Street Market also has a method of indicating trusted vendors. Those with this rating have a green “Trusted” badge next to their listings.  Vendors only receive this badge after the market authenticates their vendor account, and also determines that they are reliable, based on their transaction history at other well known markets.

Even with all these vendor details in place, however, it’s still advised that you do your own research. Visit the Wall Street Market forum and talk to others to find out for certain if a vendor is reliable or not. (Believe it or not, there is honor among vendors!)

How to Order


Ordering on Wall Street Market is very simple (no, really, it is!). First, find the product you’re looking for in the listings. Click (or for mobile users, tap) on the button that says “Go to Offer.”

You will then be taken to the product page, where more details are listed. In general, it’s a good sign if a product listing features more details.

To the right, on the field that says “Amount,” type in the amount of the product that you want to purchase, and hit “Buy.” Afterwards, you’ll be taken to the “Check Out” page, where you can pay for the item, as well as indicate where it should be shipped to. As expected, you’ll also have to enter a CAPTCHA once again, to prove that you aren’t a bot. If you’re reading this, we know that you aren’t, right?

Also, if you’re uncertain about an offer, you can click on the blue “Any questions about the offer?” button. This makes it easy to send a message to the vendor with any concerns you may have.

Note: some items have a minimum order amount, so you cannot order less than what is indicated.

How to Pay for Orders


The checkout screen.

Wall St. Market, like many other markets, uses bitcoins (and only bitcoins). There are three payment options available: escrow, first, and multisig.

  • Escrow: This is the standard escrow system used by many other markets. If you choose escrow, a bitcoin address is generated, to which you can send your payment. The bitcoins will be held in escrow by Wall St. Market until the delivery has been completed, or until the terms of the sale have been met. The buyer has to indicate the order as “finished,” and then the payment is released to the vendor.
  • First: The “first” method is basically another name for “finalize early” (FE), which is used by many other markets. This means that payment is sent directly to the vendor. For inexperienced buyers, this method is not recommended, as it can open you up to being scammed. The only times that this method is suggested are instances when you have a good relationship with the vendor, and are sure that you can trust them.
  • Multisig: For multisig payments, Wall Street Market uses the ⅔ multisig method. In other words, three keys are generated for the bitcoin transaction, but only two are necessary to release the payment. The vendor has one key, the buyer has another key, and Wall Street Market has the third. If the delivery has been completed, the buyer can sign off on the transaction so that the vendor can then receive the payment (after signing off with her key). Wall Street Market will interecede on the vendor’s behalf if a reasonable amount of time has passed to expect that the buyer has received their item, but they have not communicated with the vendor.

Wall Street Market Support

If you have questions or concerns about the site or technical issues, simply click on the “Support” option at the top of the page. This will lead to the support ticket page, where you can send a message to the Wall St. support team. Make sure that, in the case of a technical issue, you give enough details so that they can help you.

In order to track support tickets you have previously sent, use the color-coded list on the left side of the page.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use, responsive website
  • Has an EXIF remover for images
  • Good referral system
  • Accepts multisig payments
  • Helpful support system


  • At present, has relatively few listings
  • At present, has relatively few vendors
  • Search function can be confusing at first

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  1. Fuschia

    The whole of wall street is a scam. DO NOT USE. It is set up and run by the same person, non of the vendors exist. Do your research and see all the other reviews calling out this site. You’ve been warned.

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