XMR.TO Review

Today, we’re revewing a different kind of mixer, one that cannot be used to “clean” dirty Bitcoin, but that can be used to make anonymous payments to Bitcoin addresses. We are talking about XMR.TO, a service that allows you to pay in Monero and receive Bitcoin on the wallet address you specify.

Monero is a privacy-driven cryptocurrency that uses Ring Signatures to allow completely anonymous payments that cannot be traced on the blockchain like Bitcoin can. Monero was the first cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin to be used on the deep web markets.

XMR.TO  leverages the anonymous features of Monero to provide a secure “Bitcoin mixer” that is more efficient than most, and relatively cheap as there are no fees other than the actual exchange rate. The website reads:

“As long as you follow our privacy best practices, no malicious third party can trace bitcoin payments made through XMR.TO back to you. Even if, for whatever reason, they gained full access to our database.”

The XMR.TO mixer can be accessed through the clearnet and through the Tor browser. However, it is advisable that you use the Tor Browser to ensure that your IP address cannot be tracked by anyone. This will add an additional layer of privacy to the operaiton.


– Service fee (Exchange rate)

– Minimum amount (0.004 BTC)

– Maximum amount (5 BTC)

– Customizable delay (none)

– Multiple address withdrawals (no)

– No Account Required

The XMR.TO mixer can be used for small amount of 0.004 BTC or more and up to 5 BTC. Although you need to buy Monero to use the XMR.TO mixer, you should never send it directly from the exchange. Instead, you can follow this guide to learn how to use the Monero wallet.

It’s also worth noting that XMR.TO lacks some of the significant features that we usually find on regular Bitcoin mixers like time delay and multiple addresses. However, Monero’s privacy properties render these features useless. Since no one can see where the payment came from on the Bitcoin blockchain or on the Monero blockchain, there is no need to separate transactions by time and there is also no point in splitting up the amount.

For your safety, remember to use the Tor Browser to access XMR.TO



XMR.TO Clearnet


How to use

To use the XMR.TO mxer, you will need to buy Monero through an exchange first. Although you can do this through a centralized exchange like Poloniex,Kraken and many others, you can also use a decentralized exchange like BitSquare or OpenLedger, powered by Bitshares. Once you have acquired Monero, simply enter the address you want your Bitcoin to be sent to, then the amount of Bitcoin and click “Create”

You’ll be given a secret key that you can use to track your order, the order summary and its current status. Further down, you have a “How to pay?” field. Here, you can see the Payment ID, the XMR address and the XMR amount to send. The Payment ID is used to identify transactions to merchants and exchanges: Given the intrinsic privacy features built into Monero, where a single public address is usually used for incoming transactions, the Payment ID is especially useful to tie incoming payments with user accounts.

The BTC will be sent to the Bitcoin address you specified and you will remain anonymous!

Unfortunately, there is no way to clean Bitcoin with this service. This means that, for example, if you have Bitcoin on a market and you want to withdraw them, you can’t use this service to clean these BTC. If that’s the case, try one of the other mixers we have reviewed.

Additional Features

The XMR.TO is a pretty simple mixer with few additional features. It allows you to check up on your status by giving you a secret mixing code:

XMR.TO also has a completely free API which can be found here along with detailed API documentation here


A Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) list can be found at top menu or by scrolling down a bit. This FAQ contains containing basic information about the website and the Monero cryptocurrency. If you still have any questions regarding XMR.TO and its service, you can also contact support here:

email: [email protected]

XMR.TO Pros and Cons


Easy to use

Monero technology

Free API


No affiliate campaign

Requires a second cryptocurrency


Mixing Quality
User Experience
Final Thoughts

XMR.TO is a Monero-based mixer for Bitcoin. It provides enhanced mixing quality for no extra fee besides the exchange rate. Although XMR.TO provides additional privacy, it forces users to deal with another cryptocurrency and doesn't allow users to "clean" BTC.

Overall Score 4.4 Mixer Review

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