Zion Market Review

The Zion Market is a fairly new market with a modest amount of vendors and products. However, this market shows great potential. Employing a multisig escrow system which can be  managed by the market and vendor or by market, vendor, and buyer, Zion ensures that the user can choose to have a certain amount of control over his escrowed coins. Furthermore, the Zion Market does not keep any balances, which means users are required to make unique transactions for each purchase. This makes it very hard to perform a profitable exit scam by the market, ensuring your and the vendor’s safety.

Zion also employs other security features such as PGP 2-factor authentication and a self destruct “button” which allows the market to erase all data from the market if you deem it necessary. The Emergency Account Destruction Password tool is activated when you type in your special self-destruct password. This is an incredibly useful tool for anyone that has been pressured to log into his account.

Zion allows both Bitcoin and Monero to be used as currency in the market. Monero is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that uses ring-signatures to ensure anonymous payments.

The Zion market is easy to use and easy on the eyes. The market has a simple design that also allows you to go on dark mode or remove images.

The registration and login process are also simple.

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How to Access the Zion Market

Zion can be accessed through the Tor browser. If you’re new to the deep web, you may want to check out this simple  Do’s and Don’ts list to avoid any issues. You’ll also want to be careful about which links you click as phishing scams are common on the deep web. We also advise you to buy a VPN service.

PGP is also a must as it is the only way to activate 2-fa and the only way to communicate on the deepweb. Having a PGP key will allow you to encrypt any conversations so that even if all market data is seized or hacked, your info will remain encrypted

To ensure maximum privacy when sending Bitcoin, always use a bitcoin mixer with time delay and multiple addresses. Also, try to buy Bitcoin from a p2p market like Bitsquare or LocalBitcoins, as these purchases can be made without an account verification (ID and so on).

Creating an account

Creating an account on the Zion Market is the first step towards shopping on this market. All users are required to register an account, although this account can be easily destroyed via the aforementioned “self-destruct” password.

When creating an account, your username and password should be completely unrelated to your real life-identity or clearnet alias.

To create an account, simply head to the market and enter your username and password on the form located on the left side of the screen.

To log in, use the form on the upper part of the market, as seen below:

Interface and functions

The Zion Market looks very good. It is simple to navigate and has various design options that are useful. You can make the website dark and you can remove the images, which is useful for accessing the market in public places.

To change your settings simply click on your username which is located on the upper part of the market in front of a wrench icon. Here you can change your password, set your currency, region and time zone. You will also be able to add a personal wallet for affiliate payments and a public key for multisig escrow. In settings, you’ll also be prompted to enter a PGP key and to enable your 2-fa security, which is highly recommended. Your Emergency Account Destruction Password can also be set up here, including the information you want to be destroyed. If you use Bitmessage, you’re also in luck as Zion allows you to receive desktop market notifications through the Bitmessage protocol.

In settings, you can also manage your Blacklist (blocked users), affiliates and notifications.


Listings are still in low supply in the Zion market, although all of its features and tools indicate that this is subject to change in the future as more buyers and sellers become aware of what the market has to offer.

In time, Zion may become a top rated market although it can also be forgotten or destroyed as so many others have. It does, however, have the potential to be a widely used dark market given its security and functionality features.

For now, here’s what Zion has to offer:

We can see that the market is mostly focused on drugs. When hovering above any category it will expand, revealing a set of subcategories. For example, cannabis features Weed, Hash, Concentrates, Seeds, Cannabinoids and CBD.

On the drug categories, we can see that all the main types are present, although some items like Ketamine may be misplaced (in Benzos instead of Dissociatives) and the dissociative category is missing completely.

Next, we have services, in which we can find cash for BTC, where users can exchange their coins for national currencies. In services, users will also find software.

Digital goods is the most popular category with 417 listings available. Here we can find mainly tutorials, software and films.

The Erotica category is self-explanatory.

On Fraud, there are tutorials, hacked accounts, forged documents, counterfeit money and more.

The Miscellaneous category is also fairly crowded with 359 listings. Here, we can mostly find passport scans.

Search Functions and Filters

Zion features three types of search tools, one of which was recently added. Buyers can use quick search, detailed search, and the new deal finder.

The first tool allows users to quickly browse a word on all categories without any filters. In the advanced search, users can select their price range, category, shipping origin, delivery time and minimum feed back. Results can also be filtered by activity, verified vendor or favorite vendor. The deal finder allows you to select a category and enter the maximum amount you want to spend. If you’re not sure what you want and you have a limited amount of cash to spend, this is the tool for you.

How to Add Funds

Since Zion does not allow in-market balances, users must make a unique transaction for each purchase. This is done by setting up a public key for multisig in the settings page. Then, you’ll be able to use that addresses’ private key to release funds from the multisig escrow. For each purchase, you’ll need to fund this multisig account, so remember to always use a mixer.

How to Choose the Right Vendor

This is the part where things get a bit “relative”. Choosing a good vendor is not an exact science and we can’t guarantee that you will not be scammed, even if you follow all the instructions in this review. We can, however, assure you that if you do so, the chances of being scammed will reduce drastically.

The fact that Zion only allows a multisig escrow will also save you some heartache, as this is the most difficult method for any vendor to scam you with. Nevertheless, it is still possible for the market and vendor to collide in scamming a buyer, but it’s an unlikely scenario that would take some effort by the market and result in low profits.

So, when you find the item that you want to buy, simply click the vendor’s name below said product. You’ll be taken to the vendor’s page. Here, you’ll find all types of relevant info regarding the vendor.

Below the vendor’s name, you’ll see when he registered and when he last logged in, giving you a notion of how experienced and active the vendor is. Then, on the right side, you’ll find the number of positive, neutral and negative feedbacks with an option of looking at all of them in detail.

Then, you’ll see the vendor’s description and refund policy. Both are extremely important to understand the vendor’s operating methods and his instructions. Checking the vendor page before ordering is a must to ensure that you provide all the necessary shipping info in the correct order. The refund policy is pretty self-explanatory as it details how and in which cases, the vendor will refund you for a lost or defected order.

How to buy

Buying from the Zion market may prove to be a tad challenging for new users that are not familiar with multisig. You must first, go to settings and paste a public key from an address you control (i.e own the private key)

When you have chosen your item, click on it to go to the item’s page. Then, simply choose the shipping method and bulk options according to your preferences. Click on buy and you’ll be taken to the order’s detailed page.

A Bitcoin address will be shown and you must then send your bits to this address. You can also pay with Monero, the XMR sent by you will be converted to Bitcoin and sent to the address shown.

Then, scroll down and type your home address and any other notes that may be useful. Remember to encrypt the message with PGP. You can also use time delay as an extra protection.

Once the BTC or XMR is sent, you can can click Check BTC deposit to check the status of the deposit. Then, when the payment is received, the oder’s multisig escrow details will show up.

Simply wait for the item to show up on the mail and once that happens, sign the transaction that will release the payment. The raw transaction is shown the multisig details page below contact, simply copy the transaction, sign and broadcast it on coinb.in, Electrum, or any other wallet you’re using (that has this feature).

The transaction will be introduced into the Bitcoin network and the vendor will receive his payment. If the item is not as described or doesn’t show up at all, open a claim or Request a refund in the order page.


The Zion forum can be accessed through the link above or through the market on the top. In this forum you can talk about vendor’s, products and general scams within the market (as a waring forum). You can also get help navigating the website and stay updated on new features and updates as well as request them.

Support & Help

Zion offers a complete FAQ page for general questions, buyers and vendors. You can access this page by clicking help. Here, you can also get support by sending a message on the page’s form or by sending a message with Bitmessage.

Pros and Cons of the Dream Market


  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Great design
  • Unique features
  • Multisig escrow


  • Few items
  • Low variety of categories
  • No traditional escrow


Amount of Vendors
User Experience
Final Thoughts

The Zion Market is one of the best markets out there in terms of features and funcionalities. Having customer security in mind, it provides users with multisig escrow, self-destructing accounts, and XMR payments. Despite being new, this market may soon rise to the "big league".

Overall Score 4.4 Market Review

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