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Dream Market is one of the oldest and most successful markets on the deepweb. Like any dark net market, it can only be accessed using the tor browser. The market has many categories to browse through and a huge amount of listings.

The Dream Market relies on a traditional escrow system to safekeep users’ fund and settle disputes. All balances stored on the website can be accessed by the market.

Exit scams (both by the sellers and the market) are possible since multi-signature escrow and out-of-band payments are not enforced. Although we believe that Dream Market has earned our trust since its creation in 2013 until now, we also believe that some things may be beyond the admins’ control. As so, having control over your funds is the most important feature any market could offer you.

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How to Access the Dream Market

Since this is a Darknet market, it can only be accessed using Tor. To access the market, simply download Tor here and use the link above to enter the market (beware of phishing scams). Be sure to configure Tor properly to ensure your privacy.

Although Tor conceals your identity and browsing habits from surveillance and traffic analysis, there are other steps that you should take to ensure your safety. Buying and using a good VPN is one of those, as it will conceal your Tor usage from ISPs. We say buy because, as with most things in life, a quality VPN will not be free.

Using an amnesic O.S like TAILS will also give you an higher degree of safety, as it allows you to dispose of any leftover information quickly.

PGP is a must if you don’t want your home address, and any other relevant info you may need to give a seller, falling into the wrong hands. PGP will also come in handy as a 2-fa method, which gives your account an extra layer of protection

Creating an account

Creating an account with Dream Market is a pretty straight forward process. If you ever joined any forum or website on the clearnet, then you are familiar with the process. No, captchas don’t go away on the deepweb… sad, we know but they are required to keep the market safe from DoS attacks, so get used to them (Ads are less frequent..yay!).

When creating an account with Dream Market, you will need to enter a username and password. Make the password random and strong and keep the username random as well, as it can be used to trace your identity (if used on the clearnet). Dream will give you a random username as a default, which is a cool and unique feature.

To enforce security, you must choose a PIN number that is required for withdrawals. Like we said, you’ll need to solve the captcha and then you’ll be ready to sign up

If the page is taking a long time to load, try one of the onion mirrors displayed on the left

Once your account has been created successfully, you must log in, using the credentials you just created. When you first join, you will have a “buyer” account by default. However, if you wish to become a vendor, you can click on “Vendor application” to do so. Becoming a vendor costs ฿0.25, which is given back in case you want to revoke your seller status or if you have earned the market’s trust.

Interface and functions

The Dream Market scream “classic” in its layout and features. Given its success as a simple and intuitive market, it is understandable that things have been kept that way.

On the user dashboard, simple yet useful tools have been put in place: The Login Method, which allows 2-fa with password and PGP. Profile status (Active, on vacation, or retired). Users can set their preferred currency and upload an avatar.

Messages are obviously allowed and they can be automatically encrypted. Furthermore, Dream allows you to create conference chats with multiple users.

The vendor profile page allows you to access a vast amount of information to access the vendor with and to report, add to favorites and send a message to the user. You can also read the profile to check the vendor’s guidelines and check the ratings profile in this page.

Orders can be checked on by clicking the shopping cart graphic on the upper right corner.


Dream Market has been around for a while. If you didn’t know, you could tell by the amount of listings it has.

At the time of this writing, the categories (and number of goods) are as follows:


  • Digital Goods 29926
  • Drugs 42336
  • Drugs Paraphernalia 622
  • Services 2172
  • Others

Under Others:

  • Counterfeits 744
  • Electronics 140
  • Jewellery 414
  • Lab Supplies 36
  • Miscellaneous 176
  • Defense 165

  • “Drugs” is the most popular category in the market with over 40 thousand listings. Under this category, you’ll find the usual: Cannabis, Opioids, Psychedelics, Stimulants, and others.
  • Users can also buy pipes, grinders, needeles and more under “Drugs Paraphernalia”. Since these are legal in most countries, it’s not nearly as popular as the Drugs category itself.
  • Digital goods are also popular on the market. Under this category, you can find Data, E-books, Fraud Related, Hacking, Software, and more. Most digital items are either guides, hacked accounts or software
  • Services include fake IDs & Passports, Hacking jobs, Money, and others.
  • Under others, you’ll find counterfeits, electronics, jewellry, lab supplies, self defense and miscellaneous

Like many others, the Dream market does not allow child and animal pornography, human and organ trafficking, murder services and snuff videos. Although some weapons are allowed, firearms cannot be found on the market.

Search Functions and Filters

If you know what you’re looking for, the search function will save you some time. To use the search function, it is best to navigate to the category you want to buy from and then search for the name of the item. E.g. “Cannabis”

The filter tool can save you from browsing through the extensive listings of the Dream Market. You can filter by the shipment origin and allowed destinations, escrow, price range and to sort by price. You can also search through favorites. You can set favorites on the vendor profile

How to Choose the Right Vendor

This is probably the most important process in buying a product, aside from choosing the best escrow. Choosing a good vendor is the best way to prevent being scammed. If a user has been around for a few years and has had nothing but a few bad reviews, the he probably won’t sacrifice that for your order. Nevertheless, these things can still happen so be prepared.

Dream allows you to check the amount of successful sales and the average feedback score on these. The market also allows you to check the rating in the seller’s accounts on seven other markets: Agora, Nucleus, Agora, Abraxas, Middle Earth, Hansa, Python

The market will also tell you if they trust the vendor or not (they are very demanding when giving out this badge). Remember to check the seller’s registration date and the last time he was around. You want to avoid new and /or inactive

Like the majority of other darknet markets, Hansa has profile pages for each of its vendors, which provide important information and feedback on each.  As you might expect, vendors with more orders, higher trust ratings, and more feedback are the ones you would generally want to order from.

Make sure to check the user’s instructions on his profile to assure an easy transaction. You can also browse through the ratings to verify their authenticity.

How to Add Funds

Dream Market employs the traditional balance and centralized escrow system. This means that adding funds will entail entrusting your coins to a third party. Sending your coins is straight forward, just go to “Account” and send BTC to the address shown.

Remember to use never send directly from an exchange and to always use a Bitcoin mixer. Acquiring coins from p2p exchanges is also advised. This page is also where you withdraw your balance.

Dream allows you to get a PGP signed proof of address ownership, meaning that you can be certain that you are not being phished.

How to buy

Buying on the Dream Market is simple. We have gone through the most important steps, creating an account, browsing for an item, checking the vendor, and adding funds. Now, we just need to click the item we want to buy.

You’ll be taken to the detailed product page. In this page you’ll get a summary of the vendor’s profile (although we would still recommend you check the full profile). The price of the item, the shipment details, product details and the terms of the user. Make sure you read these carefully before buying. After the terms, choose the shipping option, quantity and click the “Add to cart” button.

You’ll be taken to the “Order Item” page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you’ll write your address (in the format requested by the vendor) and click the Order now button. Remember to encrypt the messages yourself or clicking “encrypt message”

You can check on the order status by clicking the shopping cart graphic  on the upper right corner. After receiving and inspecting your item, remember to finalize the order (if it’s not F.E – Finalize Early). When finalizing your order, you’ll be asked to rate the product and to add comments. Be truthful in your reviews and ratings, as they will help your fellow buyer get the best possible info and they will help a good seller (or damage a bad one).


You can also access the Market forum at the bottom of the page. Here, you can talk freely about the market and get help and tips from more experienced users. Be mindful of the information you share, however. E.g never reveal a seller’s stealth techniques.

Support & Help

If you have any issue you can contact support. Before you do, make sure to check out the help page. Here you’ll find the buyer and seller guidelines which may hold the answer to your question (use cntl + F to search the website). If the help page isn’t… helpful, then you can send a message to an admin. Both pages can be accessed at the bottom of the Dream Market

Pros and Cons of the Dream Market


  1. Simple and Intuitive
  2. Long lasting reputation
  3. Good support system
  4. Wide variety of sellers and offers


  1. Primitive design
  2. Balances handled by the market
  3. No multisig escrow
Amount of Vendors
User Experience
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 4.4
Readers Rating
159 votes

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    Dream market stole my btc, I has about $100 worth of btc in secure account account, now the balance is Zero, when I go the forum to report the theft the page says I am not logged in, but I logged in to get to the forum. The transaction history is wiped, no transactions listed.

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